Republican Rep. Jim Jordan says it’s ‘wrong’ for Senate Republicans to work with Democrats on Biden-approved bill

Ranking member Jim Jordan R-Ohio Rep. during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on July 14, 2022 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony regarding threats to personal liberties after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned his Roe v Wade judgment on abortion.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan during a hearing on threats to individual liberties in a post-Roe world.Tasos Katpodis/Getty Images

  • Jordan says Republican senators shouldn’t be working with Democrats to pass bipartisan Biden-supported bills.

  • An Ohio lawmaker said of Senate Republicans, “I hope they don’t.

  • Kevin McCarthy took a stand against much of Biden’s agenda to please Jordan.

When President Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office last year, he made a commitment to work with Republicans to create legislation.

From $1.2 trillion last year Bipartisan Infrastructure Package to the recent $52 billion tip fund billthe administration has had some major successes in garnering support from Democrats and Republicans and breaking some of the filibuster log jams that have become a very common form of blocking legislation in recent years. I got

But the wave of consensus isn’t sitting well with Rep. Jim Jordan, a conservative Ohio Republican and longtime ally of former President Donald Trump.

Jordan recently told Politico Republicans in the Senate who support bills backed by Biden are “wrong.”

“I hope they don’t,” the lawmaker said of his Senate Republican counterpart.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) is known for adopting highly partisan tactics, from Supreme Court nominations to Republican-led tax plans, but Biden has endorsed it. California’s Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy has voted against most of the administration’s agenda in caucuses.

Jordan praised McCarthy for taking such a position, telling Politico that Republican leaders “stand with the American people.”

Ohio Republicans then claimed voters hated the bipartisan bill coming out of Congress.

“Look at all the pushbacks,” he added.

McCarthy opposed both bipartisan infrastructure bill and the CHIPS Act of 2022 Law.

Some Republicans in the Senate, however, are frustrated that McCarthy may reject good legislation and allow Democrats to portray the party as uncompromising. I am skeptical about adopting Mr. McCarthy’s approach.

Republican Senator Sherry Moore Capito, along with her West Virginia representative and Democratic counterpart, Senator Joe Manchin, expressed such reservations.

“I hope [McCarthy] “Understanding that they may want change, we will look at deeper policies on some of these issues that we have been working on together,” she told Politico. I’d rather get things done, so to speak.”

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