Republican Rep. Madison Corthorn said the government could confiscate guns and the Bible if the vaccine was offered on a door-to-door visit.

Madison Corthorn

Congressman Madison Corthorn (Republican-North Carolina). Commission Courtesy on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Convention by Getty Images

  • North Carolina Parliamentarians said door-to-door vaccination could lead to the confiscation of people’s guns and the Bible.

  • Republicans were speaking at a CPAC event in Dallas on Friday.

  • Joe Biden said a door-to-door vaccine on Tuesday could improve immunization rates as Delta variants spread.

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Congressman Madison Corthorn said the government could pick up people’s guns and the Bible after President Joe Biden called for a door-to-door visit to the COVID-19 vaccine.

North Carolina Republican Corthorn spoke on Friday during an interview at the Conservative Political Activities Council event in Dallas, Texas this weekend. He was talking to the conservative media Right Side Broadcasting Network.

“And now they’re talking about door-to-door visits to make people vaccinated. The mechanisms they have to build to actually be able to do that big thing. That’s what Cawthorn Biden said in connection with the latest community-based vaccine push.

“Think about what those mechanisms can be used for. Then they could make a door-to-door visit to take your gun. They could make a door-to-door visit to take your Bible. Was done, “said Cawthorn.

Biden said on Tuesday that the vaccine could be delivered on a door-to-door basis to increase vaccination coverage. Delta variant Coronavirus rates are spreading rapidly in some states in the United States.The United States is also the goal of the White House Inoculate 70% of adults by July 4.. As of Friday, almost 59% of adults were fully vaccinated. CDC..

Biden’s remarks on Tuesday Immediate opposition from some conservativesIncludes Congressman Lauren Boebert, who called the door-to-door vaccinated person a “needle Nazi.” Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also referred to the Nazis, calling the vaccinated “brown medical shirt” and referring to Adolf Hitler’s militia and paramilitary organizations.

The White House counterattacked criticism Press Secretary Jen Psaki On Friday, he said: “The inability to provide accurate public health information, such as vaccine efficacy and availability of vaccines to people across the country, including South Carolina, literally kills people, so they probably need to take that into account. There is. “

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