Republican Rep Offers Liar-Elect George Santos Worst Excuse Ever

Anna Moneymaker/Getty

Anna Moneymaker/Getty

Two House Republicans gave wildly different views on habitual liars on the same TV show Sunday Congressman George Santossuggesting that the scam may not be going anywhere anytime soon.

upon face the nation, Congressman Tony Gonzalez (Republican-Texas) took the most absurd view, arguing that the country should ignore Santos’ completely fabricated biography.

“Look, there’s a lot of fraud in Congress,” Gonzalez said.

Santos’ dirty laundry was belatedly discovered, hung, and crammed into a separate wardrobe just weeks after winning New York’s 3rd precinct. The point is, he told a number of mostly admitted lies, from his ethnic identity and his work history to his educational background and family background. But that’s not all. As The Daily Beast reports, he quite recently married a woman despite long openly claiming to be gay, Strange living situation with his sister Slash roommate facing evictionthere may be campaign finance violationsmore.

“We have a lot to worry about. Step one is to finalize this rules package,” Gonzalez added when asked to confirm whether Santos should stay.

At least some other conservatives were less enthusiastic.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) hinted at growing hypocrisy within her party as she struggles to decide what to do with Santos in a majority of just four seats.

“It’s very difficult to work with someone you don’t trust,” Mace said. face the nation“It’s clear that his resume and his entire life were being worked out until he finally changed his website a few days ago.”

“It’s a problem,” Mace added. “If the Left is telling the truth and you can’t trust the Left, how can you trust your own Left? Americans want transparency, and one of the lessons I learned in DC was “If you want a reliable friend, get a dog.”

See The Daily Beast for more information.

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