Republican reports “prove” evidence that COVID emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Veterinary Medicine


NSA Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee published a report on the origin of COVID-19, pointing out evidence of a leak in the laboratory. Genetic recombination, And a cover-up caused a virus to accidentally appear from the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs in the fall of 2019.

Report Conclusion “The predominance of evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory before September 12, 2019.”, “Virus or genetically engineered. The virus sequence is probably a cave in Yunnan, China, between 2012 and 2015. “

According to the report, Wuhan lab researchers, Chinese Communist Party officials, and “potentially American citizens” all “obfuscated information related to the origin of the virus and about possible laboratory leaks. Directly engaged in efforts to curb public debate. “

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul Leads Republican Party China Task Force with Chinese cover-up in September detail Serious concerns about the Wuhan Institute. The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s new addendum to the report spotlights the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs.

The new report “outlined the evidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virginology was the cause of the outbreak and, along with Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, a number of steps taken by WIV researchers to conceal the work being done there. Is outlined. “

“Scientific papers written by WIV researchers not only prove that WIV is conducting dangerous genetic recombination studies of coronavirus at unsafe biosafety levels, but WIV researchers are already conducting research on dangerous gene recombination of coronavirus 2016. We are analyzing that we had the ability to genetically modify the coronavirus in the year without leaving the coronavirus. Traces of that change. “

McCall said he believes it is the right time to “completely reject” the hypothesis that the Wuhan fresh market is the cause of the outbreak.

“We know that the gain-of-function research was being conducted at WIV, and that it was being conducted in a dangerous situation. Also, the director of the Chinese CDC and the biosafety level of WIV. We also found that the directors of the four labs publicly expressed concern about safety at the PRC lab in the summer of 2019. The virus is believed to have leaked in late August or early September 2019. What? When they understood what had happened, WIV Chinese Communist Party officials and scientists desperately concealed the leak, including taking the virus database offline at midnight and demanding more than $ 1 million for additional security. I started, “he said.

McCall added: “But their concealment was too late. The virus had already spread throughout the Wuhan metropolis. Within a month, satellite images showed symptoms similar to COVID-19 in hospitals around WIV. At the same time, military world games athletes have become ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19, some of which have brought the virus back to their home countries, indicating that the number of people has increased significantly. Created one of the earliest super spreader events in the world. “

The report claims that the September 2019 removal of the WIV virus and sample database, and safety concerns expressed by Chinese scientists, have concluded that the virus has leaked from the lab.

State Department Fact sheet Researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs, announced in January, conducted an experiment containing RaTG13, a bat coronavirus identified by WIV as the closest sample to SARS-CoV-2 in January 2020 (96.2%). (Similar) “, the institute claimed that it” has a public record of its implementation. ” “Gain of function” research for manipulating chimeric viruses. The fact sheet claims that the laboratory is “engaged in classified studies, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese military,” and laboratory workers will be ill with coronavirus-like symptoms in the fall of 2019. Insisted that it became.

The Republican Party reported that the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs’ online database contained “more than 22,000 entries of sample and pathogen data collected from bats and mice.” The database went offline on September 12, 2019, “a consistent answer as to why it wasn’t brought back online.”

The report states that one or more researchers were infected with the virus after collecting it in the wild or operating it in the laboratory, and then “spreading the virus” while traveling to and from Wuhan’s WIV. It claims that it may have provided a “vector for”. Metro or daily shuttle service available.

Republicans said the report said, “WIV researchers have worked with U.S. scientists to conduct coronavirus function acquisition research at WIV, funded by both the Chinese and U.S. governments. It shows evidence. “

The conclusion is that there is “sufficient evidence that the virus may have been genetically engineered.”

Republican reports provide ample evidence that the Chinese government, WIV researchers, and others have worked to undermine the credibility of the proposal that the virus may have been artificial or leaked from the lab. Said there is.

He also points out that in late 2019, instead of the previously reported January 2020, “a PLA bioweapons expert will be appointed to head the WIV Biosafety Level 4 Lab.” Part of the WIV has shown that the CCP is concerned about what is happening there when the virus news is widespread, and if the Chinese military actually takes control in 2019, “ CCP Means I knew about the virus before, and the outbreak began earlier. “

Minutes of the meeting from the discussion between laboratory scientists and WHO-China The team revealed that there was a concern about Lab Leak reference As a “conspiracy theory”. WHO-China’s January report concluded that the most probable origin of COVID-19 is the animal-to-human jump.However, since then, the United States and others have questioned the credibility of the report, and WHO Executive Secretary Tedros Adhanom Gebreez said. Said During the investigation there was a “premature push” that dismissed the Labo Leak theory.Chinese government shoot down Second survey of government research institutes in June.

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