Republican Senator Ben Sasse praises Biden for buying 500 million Pfizer vaccines and sharing them around the world

Senator Ben Sase (Republican-Nebraska) praised the Biden administration’s decision Thursday. Purchase 500 million times We share Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine with countries around the world and call the decision the “right move.”

Important reason: The statement changed some of Senator’s previous criticisms.Sasse Advocated The United States will distribute 1 billion vaccines worldwide by Thanksgiving. statement The Biden administration’s global vaccination program was called “cowardice.”

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What they are saying: “Health diplomacy is a wise investment and buying these vaccines is the right thing to do. The United States should take a proactive strategy to vaccinate one billion people around the world this year,” Sasse said. Said in a statement.

“We need to act swiftly and share this life-saving shot with friends in Asia and developing countries. With the following message, convey the following message: not President Xi, Uncle Sam cares about your health. “

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