Republican Senator counters Vax, captures COVID and hides it from Dem’s colleagues


A Republican senator, who criticized Wisconsin’s most toxic mask and vaccine obligations, was ill enough to be hospitalized last week after being infected with COVID-19, his office confirmed to The Daily Beast.

In addition, Senator Andre Jack, who may be infected, Senate and Parliamentary Joint Board of Education Meeting Last Wednesday At Madison’s State Capitol, he neglected to inform his colleagues about their potential exposure — and they aren’t happy.

In an email sent to a reporter on Monday night Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jack said he and “some of my family” tested positive for COVID at the end of last week. Jack, a newborn baby with a six-year-old father, asked for treatment for pneumonia at the hospital on Monday, but said he didn’t know when he was infected with the virus.

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“When I tested positive, I was almost asymptomatic, except for the fatigue I had felt since my baby arrived,” Jack wrote in an email. Jack’s Communications Director provided a copy of The Daily Beast. Instead of a statement or comment.

“Fatigue has been my long-standing health concern, but otherwise my health measurements were good when the test was positive. My office follows all protocols and I have personally contacted a limited number of close contacts since last week in case I was positive at that point. All my staff and close associates are experiencing symptoms. I don’t think. Unfortunately, I’m in the hospital with a previously experienced pneumonia. There is no information I can share at this time. “

Jack, in april Introduced legislation banning Wisconsin companies from seeking proof of vaccinationSo far, he refuses to say if he is vaccinated.

The number of cases and hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Wisconsin has skyrocketed for the first time since the vaccine became available. The state, along with other parts of the United States, is competing with the highly infectious delta type. As of August 11, Wisconsin had 10 times more new COVID-19 cases and 6 times more COVID hospitalizations than just a month ago. According to state health officials.. On Monday, the seven-day average of state-positive cases reached its highest level since February, with approximately 660 hospitalized.

However, Jack claimed to have informed a few people about his positive COVID status, but he did not act quickly enough to retain important information from potentially exposed colleagues. Many of Jack’s fellow lawmakers claim.

Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) told The Daily Beast, “I can tell you, I was angry.” “Since Friday, there have been tweets that Jack has been tested positive, which means he had to be tested for three to four days before he had symptoms and was tested. Waiting for confirmation. But the chairman says he doesn’t think so [Jacque] He didn’t have to notify anyone because he had it on Wednesday-to them In the hospital, And they are still shrugging it. “

“This is nothing, and we’re still chasing Pied Piper, pretending that no one needs to take precautions,” said a Wisconsin Republican. Responsible is somehow “showing weakness”. “

Democratic Senator LaTonya Johnson Journal sentinel She was also not informed through the official channel that she may have been exposed to COVID by Jack.

In the photo posted on Facebook through the pandemic, Jack can see both mask When Unmasked..of Statement released on TuesdayThe Wisconsin Senate Democratic Commission said members’ ideas were as Jack recovered, but Jack resisted “common sense measures” aimed at protecting himself and others from COVID. “It’s a shame.”

To date, COVID has killed 8,324 Wisconsin people. And Larson, the two fathers and a seasoned marathoner, can’t help but be dissatisfied with Jack’s actions.

“Many of us are trying to spread the truth and not allow the virus to go out of control,” he told The Daily Beast. “And he and many other lawmakers are heading in the opposite direction, making it easier for the virus to spread, blaming wearing masks and blaming vaccination. This can be completely prevented and one person We don’t know how many people were unnecessarily endangered because they were careless and reckless. “

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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