Republican Senator urges Biden administration to designate Taliban as a terrorist organization

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a military veteran and a member of the Senate Military Commission, has taken full control of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with many Republican colleagues, and has been violent in Tullivan. We ask you to give due consideration to. In August, he became a Republican in Afghanistan and had the United States formally designate the Taliban as a terrorist organization.

“We believe that the Taliban easily meet all three criteria, and we encourage you to designate the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization and consider treating it as such to the fullest extent of the law,” the Republican Party said. The Senator said in a letter.

The three criteria for designating terrorists under the Immigration and Nationality Act include that the group in question is a foreign organization. The group is engaged in or can engage in terrorist activities. And that this terrorist activity threatens the security of the United States.

“Given the history of supporting terrorist attacks on the United States, the brutal style of governance, the ongoing display of atrocities against Americans and their allies, and the now-strengthened military power, the current version of the Taliban government is: United States. In addition, the Taliban show the will and means to attack Americans and the interests of the United States. ” The letter says..

At the first hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, Senator John Barrasso (Republican) asked Blinken if the Biden administration believed that Tullivan was a terrorist organization.

“It is designated under one of the designations, and all the involvement we make is purely for the purpose of promoting our interests,” Blinken said, but the Biden administration terrorized them. I didn’t check if it would be considered an organization.

Blinken told the Commission that the administration would take a very close look at the Taliban’s actions and decide what action to take with them in providing assistance.

“Simply put, the nature of the Taliban’s relationship with us and most other countries around the world depends entirely on its actions and actions, especially with respect to freedom of travel and successful counterterrorism. Commitment, advocacy of the basic rights of the Afghan people, no involvement in retaliation, etc. “Brinken said.

Blinken told the Commission that the Biden administration had initiated a resolution through the UN Security Council, expressing expectations that the Taliban would have to meet to maintain cooperation with the United States and not face harsh action.

Taliban terrorists
On August 15, 2021, Taliban terrorists take control of Afghanistan’s presidential residence after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Zabi Karimi / AP Photo)

resolution The Taliban, adopted by the United Nations Security Council at the end of August, states that it should allow all foreigners to leave Afghanistan safely and should not prevent humanitarian aid from reaching the public.

Republican legislators say the Taliban in Afghanistan has already violated the basic standards of conduct outlined in Security Council resolutions and immigration and nationality law, and the Byden administration has sent a stronger message and is more stringent to terrorist groups. He insists that it should bring results.

“Since reestablishing control of Afghanistan, the Taliban have resumed the same murderous and oppressive habits that characterize their leadership term before the arrival of the U.S. military in 2001. Their families are still in Afghanistan. I live, “the Senator wrote in a letter.

The US State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In an interview on Monday, Senator James Riche (R-Idaho) said the Biden administration had sent the Taliban a false message, a message of weakness.

“One of these things that is always overlooked is the fact that the way you send messages and the way you communicate with your enemies is very important. In the last administration, when the plan was made, there [were] very clear communication NS NS Taliban. Failure to fulfill the promise of reducing violence can have disastrous consequences. They believed it. ” Rich told Fox News..

“In this particular example, the administration did not get in the way again and again, abandoning the Bagram Air Force Base, starting with the withdrawal of the Aircover, and telegramting them that they were not going to push it back. By the time this happened, the Taliban were confident they could run all over the country, “Rish added.


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