Republican Senators are likely to oppose Biden’s court elections and block candidates

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Addresses reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, discussing the growing crime problem across the country.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Addresses reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, discussing the growing crime problem across the country.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Said on Tuesday that he would not support President Biden’s choice to fill the vacancy in the district court in his home state.

Johnson said he opposed William Pokan, who was appointed by Biden as a district judge in the eastern part of Wisconsin. This is the first time a senator has not returned a blue slip (a piece of paper showing whether a senator supports a candidate) for a district court candidate during the Biden administration.

“Since the appointment of Judge Pokan, we’ve heard concerns from the Green Bay legal community that we need a local-based, community-based judge,” Johnson said in a statement. Said.

“In addition, the tragedy in Wakisha should never have happened. It is a direct result of the low bail policy of crime and the software of court orders. I gave low bail to those charged with violence for a lifetime. A felony that can’t support anyone for an appointment. It’s not in the best interests of Wisconsins or Americans. I look forward to working with President Byden to select the right candidate. ” Stated.

Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) Previously recommended Pokan as a potential pick to fill vacant seats. Wisconsin uses a nominating committee that recommends four to six names to the Senator, who formally recommends to the President.

Generally, district court candidates who do not receive blue slips from both Senators do not proceed to the Senate Judiciary Committee. A spokeswoman for Senator Dick Durbin (Democratic Party), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, did not immediately answer the question of whether he would promote the candidate.

Under the Trump administration, the Republican Party pushed the candidates for the Circuit Court over the opposition of the Senators of both countries who infuriated the Democratic Party, but it was a Senate case, not a rule, and was unharmed to the District Court candidates. rice field. This gives senators in their home country an effective veto against district court candidates from the state.

During an interview with Durbin New York TimesHe said he would stick to the precedent for respecting the blue slip of district court candidates. However, he warned at the time not to be abused to block candidates because of race or gender.

“I reserve the right to revisit if I think the district court judge’s blue slip has actually fallen into some basic race and gender issues rather than disposition, philosophy, academic background and experience. I’m not going to party to it. I’m not going to make the blue slip perpetuate the prejudice in America, “Durbin said at the time.

Johnson’s opposition soon triggered a new call from some on the left to let Democrats ignore the district judge’s blue slip.

“Eight months after Johnson recommended Pokan, this malicious opposition is a perfect example of why Biden and Durbin should ignore the blue slip in the district court,” said Demand Justice, chief adviser to the Progressive Group. One Christopher Can Tweet..

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