Republican Senator’s “Massage” ad was removed shortly after the shooting at Highland Park


A Republican Senators reportedly wanted awkward and inaccurate radio ads about the cause of the “latest mass slaughter” after Highland Park, Illinois, fired on Monday.

Sen’s campaign. Ron Johnson Calling for reelection (R-Wis.) Has advertised disregarding gun violence after at least seven people were killed and dozens were injured after the shootings at the parade on July 4. I was hoping for it. According to the email detailed by Intercept..

“The recent genocide in the United States did not involve guns,” advertisements began, and 53 people were found dead or dead in a sultry tractor trailer left on the outskirts of San Antonio on June 27. Talking about Immigrant smuggling operations..

You can listen to the following radio ads.

Katz Radio Group’s vice president of sales, who worked to create an ad for Johnson’s campaign, reportedly demanded that the ad be “pulled as soon as possible” the day after the shooting at Highland Park.

“If you hear this spot, we’ll talk about mass shootings, but it’s definitely not creative after this weekend (especially Chicago),” said a Katz Radio executive.

According to the non-profit VoteSmart, Johnson is an opponent of gun control and has received over 83% of the ratings of groups such as the National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the Gun Owners of America for the past few years.

A 21-year-old man was charged with seven single murders related to the shooting of the parade.Suspect Allegedly purchased a gun legallyAccording to Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotelling, police described it as a “powerful rifle.”

Johnson is in the third close quarters. He “slightly” tracked three Democratic candidates in a vote in mid-June. According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel..

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