Republican Sweeney plans to withdraw from Alaska House election

JUNAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Republican U.S. Representative Tara Sweeney said on Tuesday that she could not see a path to victory or raise the funds she needed to succeed in the November general election. He said he plans to end the exercise.

Sweeney placed fourth as election officials continued to count votes after last week’s US House primary. But she was well behind the top finishers of Democrat Mary Peltra and Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich, who were already poised to advance to the November general election.

The electoral process approved by voters in 2020 requires the top four vote-getters in the primary to advance to the general election. Ranked multiple-choice votes are used in general elections.

State elections official spokesperson Tiffany Montemayor said that if a candidate who advanced from the primary declines more than 64 days before the general election, the fifth-placed candidate will advance instead.

“The department will determine candidates for general election ballots after the primary election results are certified and the September 5 withdrawal deadline has passed,” she said in an email.

Peltola, Palin and Begich are three contenders competing in last week’s special ranked-choice election to determine who will serve for the remainder of Don Young’s House of Representatives term, which ends early next year. was also a candidate for The results of that election are not expected until August 31st.

Sweeney finished fifth in the June special primary, but was ineligible for the special election when third-placed independent Al Gross withdrew. Gross’ name was not on the ballot for the special election, but election officials and the court decided it was too late for Sweeney’s name to appear.

Sweeney announced just before the special election on August 16 that he had submitted as a write-in candidate for that election.

Sweeney said in a statement Tuesday that she would file papers to withdraw from the House race, but did not specify when.

Her campaign manager Karina Waller said Sweeney’s statement would be the only one released by the campaign on Tuesday.

“This race is very important to the future of Alaska,” Sweeney said. “As Alaska’s sole voice in the House, we must ensure that it has the best possible representation. We look forward to working with Alaskans.”

Meanwhile, Democrat Pat Chesbro advances in the November general election in Alaska for the U.S. Senate, and Republican Charlie Pearce races for governor after the elections department announced additional vote totals on Tuesday. advanced to

A retired educator, Chesbro joins Republican incumbent Lisa Markowski and Republican Kelly Chibaka, who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump, to advance in the Senate race. The fourth spot had not yet been called.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Pierce will run for governor alongside Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy, former independent Gov. Bill Walker and Democrat Les Gala.