Republican White House applicants move forward as Trump considers implementation

Washington (AP) — Less than three months after former President Donald Trump left the White House, the race to succeed him has already begun.

Former Secretary of State Trump, Mike PompeoHas begun an aggressive schedule of visits to states that will play a central role in the 2024 Republican primary and has signed a deal with Fox News Channel. Mike pence, Former Vice President of Trump Political advocacy group,Confirm Book deal And will give him later this month First speech After leaving the office in South Carolina. And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has courted donors, including Trump’s backyard. Republican Fundraising Retreat Supper This month at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida resort where Trump currently lives.

Trump squeezed Republican voters and finished his presidency, so the leader panicked that he would. Freeze the field Delayed preparation as he made fun of another run, of potential 2024 candidates.Instead, many Republicans with national ambitions openly lay the foundation for the campaign as Trump. Keep planning his own..

They work to raise money, create jobs and strengthen awareness of their names. This move reflects both the party’s enthusiasm for regaining the White House and the reality that launching a modern presidential campaign is a long-standing effort.

“You draw an arc before it rains,” said Michael Steele, a Republican strategist who worked in Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign, among others. “If he decides not to run, they will do what they need to do.”

Trump gives them plenty of room, convinced that they pose little threat to his own ambitions, at least for now.

“It’s a free country. Trump’s adviser Jason Miller responded to the move by saying,” People can do what they want. ” Public vote of Republican voters. “

Opinion polls do show that Trump is in command among Republican voters, despite losing to Democrat Joe Biden in November. Republican leaders, including those who may wish to succeed him someday, have revealed that they have no plans to pay attention to his ego and challenge his position.

Florida Senator Rick Scott, chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee, presented Trump with a new “Champion for Freedom Award” last weekend.Cup — Even after the former president chased Kentucky Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell A speech that includes blasphemous expressions.

The next day, Yuan South Carolina Governor Nikki HaleyMany consider it a top candidate for 2024, but told The Associated Press that he wouldn’t race if Trump ran again.

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, she said, “If President Trump runs, I won’t run and I’ll talk to him about it.” Should be made. “

Obedience is, in part, an endorsement of Trump’s ongoing power. Whether you’re absent or without a Twitter megaphone, Trump is hugely popular with Republican supporters, sharing it with approved candidates, spending money on advertising, and using it to fund travel, poll, and pay consultants. It’s backed by a $ 85 million war chest that you can do.

Mr. Trump plans to quickly raise his awareness by discussing options for rallying in late spring or late summer. “There is a pretty strong demand for taking President Trump on the road,” Miller said.

Many Republicans allow Trump to jump to the top of the pack if he chooses to bid to become the only other president. Grover Cleveland Provides two non-contiguous terms. Still, there is deep skepticism in many corners of the party that Trump will run again.

People near him claim he is serious, but many have settled on a comfortable life after the White House, so Trump’s continued flirtation as a means of maintaining relevance. to see. At Marago on Palm Beach, he was met by the candidate and received applause and applause every time he entered the dining room.

In the meantime, other candidates have moved, but many of their aides have focused head-on on next year’s parliamentary elections, claiming to help Republicans regain control of the House and Senate. There is.

Republican Chairman Jeff Kaufmann of Iowa said his activities in the state began earlier this year than in the last two election cycles, and whether all candidates on the 2024 candidate list had already visited the first state. He said he was thinking of visiting. Republican nomination calendar.

“No one is hesitant to come out. To be honest, no one is there,” he said. It’s just tied to their campaign style, and you may not want to go too far beyond skiing until you see if they have some traction. “

Perhaps the most aggressive Pompeo to date is one of those who have already spent time not only in New Hampshire but also in Iowa, and this week he addressed the World Value Network in Rabish Murry Botetti, New York. Megadonor Miriam Adelson. And on Saturday, he headlined the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Supper at Mar-a-Lago with Scott and DeSantis.

DeSantis, who will be reelected next year, recently hired a top Republican strategist who was the secretary-general of the Republican Governor’s Association. DeSantis also uses races to build a deep funding network that can support him if he chooses to run nationwide.

The party, which for some time appeared paralyzed by the division, opposes Biden, despite Trump continuing to sparring with McConnell and working to defeat the incumbent who voted for his impeachment. And more united. Parliamentary Republicans have found a common cause of opposition to Biden’s border policy, voted against his COVID-19 bailout bill, opposed corporate intervention in the voting rights debate, while renewing the vote. I asked for a limit.

Liz Cheney, a Republican in the 3rd Republican House of Representatives, who continues to face significant backlash after voting for Mr. Trump, said: “We need to discuss policy,” she said last week when talking to the Institute of Political and Public Services at Georgetown University.

Regardless of Trump’s final decision, his critics and acolytes likewise depended on maintaining the attractiveness of Trump’s voters for the future of the party, while at the same time abandoning them last fall in the suburbs. He says he thinks he will get the voters back.

“I think everyone is trying to find a magical combination of’Trump Plus’. While continuing to appeal to the new voters that President Trump brought to the Republican Union, he recalled some of the college-educated suburbs. His disgust, “said Steele.


The Associated Press writer Megkinard of Orangeburg, South Carolina contributed to this report.