Republicans accuse Senator Josh Hawley of being “one of the worst humans”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) Apparently enough Missouri Senator Josh Hawley -And I don’t care who knows who thinks about his fellow Republicans.

Spoiler Note: That’s not very good.

On Wednesday, Hurley criticized President Joe Biden’s decision Order troops from Europe As Russia increases its military presence at the border with Ukraine. At the same time, Senator urged the White House to stop US support for Ukraine to join NATO. According to Hill..

Kinzinger was not impressed with Harley’s proposal that the United States would not support its allies, especially given that he was a member of the selection committee on January 6. I saw you raise your fist in solidarity Towards a crowd of Donald Trump supporters prior to the January 6th attack on the US Capitol.

And he didn’t chop the words into small pieces, Harley said, ““One of the worst human beings” and “a scammer who exaggerates himself” in a burning tweet, “When Trump collapses, I certainly hope that this evil will be exposed and embarrassed to everyone. “

Kinzinger supported the tweet to some extent, but many conservatives ridiculed his misspelling, suggesting that his tweet was actually Harley’s support.

Missouri Senator told Business Insider He did not understand Kinzinger’s hostility.

“And what causes this explosion?” Hurley asked, “strange,” before adding.

Kinzinger agrees through Twitter that “we are in a strange era,” and the evidence is a senator like Hurley who seems to be “more interested in pleasing Tucker.” Stated [Carlson, of Fox News] Play with the worst instinct than lead. In particular, he denies the truth of January 6th, despite inciting it. “

Fix: Earlier versions of this article mistakenly stated that Adam Kinzinger represented Ohio. He represents Illinois.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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