Republicans announce Murkowski’s candidacy for Alaska Senate

Juneau, Alaska (AP) —Early Republican candidates announced on Monday plans to look for US Senate seats in Alaska, which Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has been holding since 2002.

Kelly Zibaka, who has led the vast Alaskan administration since early 2019, said in a statement, “Running for the people, and for the people, for the Alaskan people who believe the government belongs to the people. We need to detain DC insiders. ” We are responsible. “

Her campaign said she would step down as a commissioner in pursuit of the Senate elections.

Murkowski is widely regarded as a moderate, and has sometimes been in conflict with the party, including issues such as abortion and criticism of former President Donald Trump.

Murkowski was one of seven Republican senators who voted for Trump’s acquittal in last month’s trial for inciting riots related to the January 6 US Capitol riot.

Earlier this month, state Republican leaders voted to blame Murkowski for the vote, and leaders of several other states took similar action against Republicans who voted like her.

Murkowski, who told reporters in Juneau last month, did not directly answer whether he would seek re-election next year.

“I’m doing what I need to do to make sure I have that option and the opportunity to carry out yet another term,” she said. “I’m definitely leaving the road open for my re-election opportunity,” she said.

Mr. Tsushibaka is considered a candidate for the US Senate and has sought to raise her profile last year or so. She used social media to promote her work in her department, emphasize her family and faith, express her support for Republican candidates, and outline her stance on issues such as gun rights.

Tshibaka has overseen a vast range of departments, including the automotive, human resources and labor departments and offices that maintain the technical infrastructure of state government agencies. Tshibaka has sometimes slammed with unions and lawmakers over procurement issues and proposals to close some offices in the automotive sector.

Her resume includes work at the United States Postal Service, the Federal Trade Commission, and the office of an Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice before joining the administration of Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy.

The situation in the 2022 elections is different. A voter initiative passed in November has abolished party primaries for a system in which the top four voters proceed to the general election. We have also introduced a ranked voting system for general elections.

Murkowski was appointed to the Senate in 2002 by Gob at the time. His father, Frank Murkowski, has been holding seats since 1981. He won a fierce competition with Democrat Tony Knowles in 2004, and after losing tea party candidate Joe Miller in the Republican preliminary elections in 2010, he won the general election by writing. motion.

Murkowski easily won the reelection in 2016 in a crowded area, winning 44% of the votes.

Lindsay Kabanau, Secretary-General of the State Democratic Party, said in a call for funding earlier this month that the party was “preparing” for an effort to “retire Lisa.”

The state elections department has not yet shown a list of candidates for next year’s race.