Republicans are expected to win seats on the redrawn 2022 parliamentary map, but Democrats could get worse

U.S. Census data released on Monday Shift political power in parliamentRedistributed two seats to Texas and one to Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado and Montana, and stripped California (first time) and New York (first time).barely!), Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia. Florida, Texas, and Arizona, each fully dominated by the Republicans, were hoping to win additional seats.

“Overall, I think this reallocation will give Republicans a slight boost, but how Republicans pull these seats in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia could give them even more boost. Is expensive ” Cook Political Reportof Dave Wasserman says Axios.. “The reallocation itself makes little sense compared to the upcoming battle for constituency changes.” It’s not exactly a place of equal competition.

“The Republicans control the constituency change process in far more states than the Democrats, because the Republicans dominate the downballot elections,” he said. New York Times Report.. “On the other hand, the Democratic Party has moved the decision to change constituencies in government-controlled states such as California, Colorado, and Virginia to an independent committee aimed at creating a fair map.”

“Good news for the Democrats. We have more control over the process than in 2010, when the last line was drawn,” said Wasserman’s colleague Amy Walters. PBS NewsHour.. “The bad news for the Democrats, the good news for the Republicans, is that the Republicans still dominate the parliamentary line more than twice.” And Oregon, which is dominated by the Democrats, said. Probably add Republican seats Under a power sharing agreement with a Republican minority.

In texas Population growth came from Hispanics and Asians For out-of-state legislators moving to Houston, Austin, Dallas, and other Democratic city centres, the GOP Parliament will make both new parliamentary districts Republicans. Wasserman predicts.. In fact, he added, the Republicans “probably got all five seats needed” to dominate the House of Representatives by drawing a lucrative district in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina alone. Estimates change, but “but for now, Republicans may expect to win 0 to 8 house seats by changing the map.”

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