Republicans attended the wedding of their gay son three days after voting against same-sex marriage

Republican lawmakers attended the wedding of their gay son in just three days after joining the majority of GOP’s colleagues by voting against the House bill codifying the federal protection of same-sex marriage.

Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson’s gay son told NBC News on Monday. [his] Friday’s “life” and his “father was there”. NBC News does not publish the groom’s name and neither is a public figure.

Madison Stone, a spokesman for Thompson, also confirmed that Congressman was present.

“Members and Mrs. Thompson were excited to attend to celebrate their son’s marriage on Friday night and started this new chapter in his life,” Stone said in an email and Thompson said in an email. He added that welcoming his son was “very happy.” In-law “to their family”.

Gawker First report on marriage An article published Thursday the day before the ceremony did not report whether lawmakers would attend.

Email to a local newspaper last week Center DailyStone said the Marriage Respect Act was “just a message stunt for the election year to Democrats in Congress who couldn’t cope with historic inflation and couldn’t control the prices of petrol pumps and grocery stores.”

Thompson, who represents the state’s 15th Parliamentary District, was one of 157 House Republicans. Voted against Tuesday’s bill. However, 47 of his Republican colleagues joined the Democratic Party to pass a bipartisan bill for fear of protecting existing same-sex marriage. It may be a crosshair Of the Conservative Supreme Court.

The Marriage Respect Act is currently under consideration in the Senate, requiring 10 Republicans to join all 50 Democrats and send the bill to President Joe Biden’s of Five The Republican senator, who has already confirmed the vote in favor of the bill, is Rob Portman, Ohio, who declared support for same-sex marriage in 2013 after his son appeared as homosexual.

The bill comes when 71% of Americans, including the majority of Republicans, support same-sex marriage. Gallup poll last month.

Support for same-sex marriage Growing among Republican voters and some Republicans, Latest Republican National Committee Platform — Enacted in 2016 and updated in 2020 — contains at least five references to marriages between men and women only.

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