Republicans behind Arizona’s election audit advertised Trump’s phone by email

Karen Fann, Republican President of the Arizona Senate, was personally called by then-President Donald Trump. Controversial review A ballot for Maricopa County, according to an email released by a watchdog on Friday.

Over 500 pages of emails from fans Obtained through a request for disclosure and released by American Oversight, There is a connection with the Democratic Party. She reiterates discussing elections with the president’s then-lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, when dealing with voters who have expressed dissatisfaction with the state’s election results. President Joe Biden has bluened Arizona for the first time since 1996, winning about 10,000 votes.

“I’ve talked to Rudy Giuliani many times over the past few weeks and tried to make this happen,” she wrote in an email from her iPhone to an individual who claims to be a voter in her district. “I fully support him and thank President Trump for personally urging him to prove his fraud.”

Fans led a Republican-controlled conference room shortly after Biden’s victory in November and approved a highly partisan audit. After months of court struggle, the judge summoned the state Senate in February, similar to the approximately 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2020 elections by Marikopa county officials following the state subpoena. It ruled that the law had to be complied with. Fans then hired a private company to carry out the review in March.

Audits are plagued by logistics issues Conspiracy theoryPrivate sectors have proposed a process that embarrasses and concerns election experts. State and county officials And even the Justice Ministry. In May, the Maricopa County Supervisory Board, an almost Republican agency responsible for overseeing elections, told fans that “the’auditor’is in trouble.”

Republican Jack Cellars, chairman of the board, called this “malicious in the guise of an audit.”

Image: Karen Fann (Ross D. Franklin / AP file)

Image: Karen Fann (Ross D. Franklin / AP file)

Fans said in an email to NBC News that they believed that Giuliani had contacted her about the visit on December 1st and has not spoken to Giuliani since then.

She did not explain the other conversations mentioned in the December 28 email.

December 2, a few days after the Secretary of State of the Democratic Party of Arizona and the Governor of the Republican Party Appeared together to formally prove Biden’s victoryVoters, who said they had met fans, demanded that Trump be given a “redo” election, recount, or state elector.

“I’ve spoken to Mayor Giuliani at least six times in the last two weeks,” said fans. “We’re working very hard to find legal means to resolve these allegations.”

She said she was restricted by the Constitution and needed evidence of fraud to seek legal remedies, with a long note at the end of the email, “to thousands (not exaggerated). “I’m sending it as a comprehensive reply,” she said. “She received from people who said she was concerned about the outcome of the election.

Fans and many Arizona Republicans met with Giuliani in late November and early December, who helped Mr. Trump’s unfounded allegations of voter fraud.

There is no evidence of fraudulent voting in Arizona, and numerous independent audits and reviews have shown that Maricopa County results are accurate and voting is safe.Several proceedings alleging fraud or fraud Rejected or rejected.

Fans’ emails openly show her personal efforts to defend the audit and explain it to voters.

Fans replied last month to an email claiming that the audit was a waste of money: “Biden won. 45% of all Arizona voters believe there is a problem with the electoral system. The audit said these. To disprove or discover the theory of. How to improve the system. “

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