Republicans blame EPA Administrator for dismissal of scientific adviser

Washington (AP) —Two House Republicans record records related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s new leader’s decision to exclude dozens of scientists and other experts from the two main advisory committees. Requesting to provide.

EPA administrator Michael Regan said his March 31 “reset” of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Clean Air Act Science Advisory Committee, as advisors appointed under the Trump administration are overly business friendly. Is a group of experts who said the EPA would return to the practice of relying on balanced advice.

Regan’s overhaul has removed more than 45 members of the two scientific advisory boards. Some of them are members who will not expire this year. The panel provides scientific expertise and recommendations on air quality standards and other policies aimed at protecting public health and the environment.

But Republicans James Comer of Kentucky and Ralph Norman of South Carolina have criticized Regan for what is called an unjustified “purge” based on politics rather than science. Karma is a senior Republican member of the House Oversight Committee, and Norman is a top Republican member of the Panel’s Environmental Subcommittee.

“Traditionally, the Scientific Advisory Board is a bipartisan panel used to provide advice to managers. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has purged government officials who do not share their political beliefs. “It looks like they’re continuing,” Kammer and Norman said on Wednesday. letter To Regan.

“If members of the Scientific Advisory Board are dismissed in the medium term within the first few months of the new administration, there will be serious concerns about the politicization of the EPA,” they added.

Regan I told the Associated Press in an interview at the end of last month Exiled members can apply for reinstatement while he cleans up two important panels.

“Scientific integrity is the fundamental value of EPA,” Regan said. “And I promise to ensure that all the decisions we make meet strict scientific standards.”

Democrat said 2017 decision Donald Trump’s first EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, has tilted them to support the chemical and fossil fuel industry by excluding many academic scientists from the advisory board. Pruitt has banned scientists from joining the advisory board if they have received an EPA research grant.Pruit later Resign In the ethics scandal, his policy continued primarily under his successor and former adjutant Andrew Wheeler.

John Graham, a former chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, said last week that Regan’s “radical behavior” disrupted the services of him and all board members. A professor at Indiana University said he would not reapply “to protest in honor of the entire process created by the Regan administrator.”

Regan, 44, swore on March 11 as the first black man to run an EPA. He was the highest environmental regulator in North Carolina for the previous four years, and also worked at the EPA between the Clinton and Bush administrations.

He told AP that the reset of the two advisory boards and the removal of all members of both boards “shows how serious they are in restoring the scientific integrity of the EPA.” ..

The EPA will also be part of the White House’s efforts to investigate political interference in the Trump era in science across governments, Regan said.

In its letter, Comer and Norman EPA request that all documents and communications (including relations with the White House) after January 20 relating to the expulsion of Advisory Committee members be provided by April 21. I requested.