Republicans break from Trump’s oath to amnesty January 6 riots

Republican elected officials sought to stay away from President Donald Trump’s pledge over the weekend Forgive those charged with the assault on January 6, 2021 If he runs for the White House again and wins, at the US Capitol.

“I think it’s inappropriate,” Trump’s ally, Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Asked if he believed that Trump’s pledge to pardon the rioters could be dangerous, Graham said he did.

“I don’t want to emphasize that the Capitol bottleneck was okay. I don’t want this to happen in the future,” the Senator said. “I hope they go to jail and throw them at the book because it deserves it.”

Speaking Saturday night at a rally in Conroe, Texas, Trump helped those who attacked the Capitol and called on his followers to make a major protest if prosecutors acted against him. rice field.

“If I run and win, I will treat them fairly from January 6th. We will treat them fairly.” Trump said.. “And if it needs forgiveness, we give them forgiveness, because they are treated so unfairly.”

Mr. Trump said he would wait until the end of the November midterm elections to announce whether he would run for president. He remains politically active and remains the dominant figure within the Republican Party, leading the GOP primary in early 2024.

More than 140 police officers were injured in a parliamentary riot when they fought Trump supporters in a parliamentary hall. Some of them used batons and batons to beat police officers. Four parliamentary police officers at the parliament building were attacked and committed suicide that day.

The House impeached Trump for instigating the attack. All but seven Senate Republicans chose not to convict him.

“I don’t think President Trump should have made that pledge …. he should proceed with the judicial process,” said Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), one of the seven convicted. ) Said on Sunday in an ABC “this week” interview.

Collins said it was “very unlikely” that Trump would win her support if he again ran for president.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) also broke up with Trump over his pledge to allow riots on Sunday.

“Of course not. Sununu said in an interview with CNN’s” State of the Union “when asked if he would agree with the former president.

“See, those who were part of the riot, and frankly, the assault on the US Capitol must be held accountable,” Sununu added. “Everyone has to be quite accountable … it’s part of leadership.”

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