Republicans challenge Pelosi after Parliamentary police are ordered to arrest those who do not follow Maskman Date


NSep. Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie said Thursday that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi might come to his office and arrest all staff for not wearing them. mask..

Capitol police officers should arrest staff or visitors who refuse to follow or leave the premises after being asked, according to breaking news from Capitol police chief J. Thomas Manger. I was instructed.

House Republican anger and maskman date disobedience return: “absolutely absurd”

“This is insane,” said Massy. Tweet.. “I support the Capitol Hill police, but the police chief made a mistake here. Doctors and police chiefs do not have this authority.”

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs responded to Massy.

“This is crazy,” Bigs said. I have written On Twitter. “The threatening arrest of not wearing a mask is illegal and tyrannical!”

South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace video..

“I got COVID. I got two vaccinations. I’m washing my hands,” she said. “I wear a mask in the room, but not anywhere else. So Madame Speaker, come on.”

Florida Republican, Kat Cammack Post The breaking news that issued the order calls it the latest “version of Pelosi’s abuse of power.”

“”[Effective] Immediately to promote goodness health And for the well-being of our employees, all USCP personnel must wear a mask whenever they are in the interior space of the entire Capitol grounds, “it read.

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If staff or visitors do not wear masks after being requested, they will be denied access to all office buildings and the Parliament building area of ​​the House of Representatives. Those who do not comply with leaving the site upon request may be arrested, the newsletter said.

Parliamentarians should not be arrested on suspicion of failing to comply with the mission, the newsletter said. Instead, they should be reported to the House of Representatives Guard Office.

Texas Republican Rep. Roger Williams said Pelosi Socialist A tyrant who appointed a dictator in the House of Representatives.

“She ordered the Capitol police to arrest our staff if she wasn’t wearing a mask,” he said. Tweet.. “She is a tyrant and is embarrassing the community center.”

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