Republicans have stopped supporting parliamentary candidates who said Chinese immigrants were “not welcome at all”

Seri Kim
Sery Kim on the left spoke at a panel discussion at AFIDocs’ Film and Politics Boot Camp in Washington, DC on June 20, 2013. Chris Connor / Getty Images
  • Candidates running for vacant parliamentary seats in Texas have lost the support of the two Republicans.

  • Korean-American Serry Kim made an anti-Asian statement, leading two California officials to revoke their support.

  • She said she didn’t want “at all” Chinese immigrants to the United States.

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Candidate Serry Kim, who is running for Texas’ sixth constituency, has lost Republican support twice after news of anti-Asian remarks.

Early March, Serry Kim Korean American, With the support of Republican California lawmakers. Young Kim and Michelle Steele. Following Serry Kim’s comment earlier this week that Chinese immigrants are not welcome in the United States, the two have since dropped their support.

During ~ Republican Candidate Forum On Wednesday, running Serry Kim and others talked about the influence of China and immigrants coming from China to the United States.

“I don’t want them here at all,” Serry Kim said of Chinese immigrants to applaud the audience. “They steal our intellectual property. They give us the coronavirus. They don’t hold themselves accountable.”

“Frankly, I can say that because I am Korean.”

so statement, Two California lawmakers said they continued to support Seri Kim, saying “I can’t be conscientious.”

“As the first Korean-American Republican women to serve in Congress, we want to empower and lift fellow members of AAPI. [Asian American and Pacific Island] A community that wants to serve their community. “

They asked Serry Kim to apologize for her remarks, saying, “Yesterday I talked about her harmful and untrue comments about Serry Kim and Chinese immigrants, revealing that her comments were unacceptable.” Stated.

“We haven’t publicly reflected and her words are against our position,” Serry Kim said. “They continue to speak to support our AAPI community.” It was.

Serry Kim spoke to CNN and said her remarks were intended only for the Chinese Communist Party.

“To counter the hatred of Asian Americans, the liberal media targets me, Asians and immigrants to portray me as anti-Asians and anti-immigrants just to oppose the oppressive Chinese Communist Party. I was shocked at what I was doing, “Serry Kim said in a statement: CNN.. She didn’t immediately return the insider’s request for comment.

Serry Kim’s comments come at the same time as numerous anti-Asia attacks unfold.

Just on Monday, a 65-year-old Asian woman Assaulted and yelled at midday on the sidewalk in New York City.. Her perpetrator, 38-year-old Brandon Elliott, Kicking her to the ground and trampling her head many times while two doormen in a luxury condominium watched over. Security video Released by a police show. When Elliott left, the doorman closed the door of her apartment.

Nationally, recent stories related to anti-Asian violence also draw harsh pictures.

Two weeks ago, police arrested a man in connection with a series of incidents Deadly shootings at massage parlors in three Atlanta regions.. Six out of eight victims were Asian women. Each attack took place on Tuesday in three massage parlors within an hour of each other.

Shooter, 21 years old Robert Aaron Long A native of Woodstock, Georgia, suggested to police that the attack was due to sexual addiction and not racial motivation.

Serry Kim is running to get a seat left open by the deceased Congressman Ron Wright. She previously worked for the Small and Medium Business Administration during the time of former President Donald Trump.

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