Republicans in Arizona say GOP admitted that there was “nothing” in the allegations of fraud.


Protest in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Protest in Maricopa County, Arizona. Courtney Pedroza / Getty Images

Arizona President pro tempore and Republican Karen Fann upheld the state legislature’s “forensic audit” on the 2020 presidential vote in Maricopa County, where President Biden Said Earlier this month, the audit was not about former President Donald Trump. Donald Trump has continued to insist on widespread fraudulent voting, especially in states like Arizona and Georgia, and has cost him elections. “This is not to overturn the election,” fans said. Added.. “This was nothing more than the integrity of the election.”

However, a Republican on Maricopa’s oversight board named Bill Gates (not Bill Gates). Said New YorkerJane Mayer, who had previously told him that fans knew there was “nothing” in the allegations of fraud.Meyer write in The fan eventually “surrendered under political pressure and approved the county ballot subpoena.” Fans did not respond to Mayer’s request comment.Read the full text of Meyer at New Yorker..

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