Republicans in North Carolina submit a bill banning doctors from performing sex reassignment surgery on people under the age of 21

Three North Carolina Republicans have submitted a controversial bill this week banning doctors from performing sex reassignment surgery on transgender youth under the age of 21.

Senate Bill 514Introduced by State Senators Ralph Hayes, Warren Daniel, and Norman Sanderson on Monday, it is illegal for people under the age of 21 to receive temporary medical care.This bill replaces the North Carolina bill Decree It designates people over the age of 18 as adults and can act without the consent of their parents.

The bill also allows state employees to immediately notify parents if a child indicates “gender incompatibility” or a desire to be treated in a manner that does not match the gender of the minor. Request. SB 514 also prevents doctors from providing gender-verifying hormone therapy, puberty suppressants, or surgery to transgender adolescents under the age of 21. All three senators did not respond to Yahoo News’ request for comment.

Critics of the bill call it part of a “cooperative attack” on transgender youth across the country.

“The real purpose is to get transgender and non-binary people out of public life,” Chantal Stevens, secretary-general of the ACLU in North Carolina, said in a statement provided to Yahoo News.

Gay, lesbian and transgender activist in Iowa City, Iowa.  (Photo by David Greedy / Getty Images)

Gay, lesbian and transgender activist in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo by David Greedy / Getty Images)

“This year, more than 100 laws, including a companion bill, have been enacted for transgender youth and transgender people,” black transgender activist and writer Raquel Willis told Yahoo News. “These bills are cracking down on the trance community, as are other laws that downplay other populations, including black and brown lives.”

Under this bill, medical professionals treating transgender patients under the age of 21 who appear in a way that is “inconsistent with the gender of minors” may be subject to fines and loss of medical license.

According to the report, at least 24 states have introduced legislation this year banning transgender girls from participating in sports. ACLU.. In Kansas, lawmakers are likely to pass such a bill this month, but LGBT supporters hope that Democratic Governor Laura Kelly, or perhaps a court, will block such a ban. There is.

Republican Senator Renee Erickson, a former college basketball player and main sponsor of the bill, said:

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon sits in front of a bike and signs a book

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon has defended the right of transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports, even though they may have a physical advantage over their rivals. (Photo by OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

Sixteen states, including SB 514, have submitted legislation banning gender-verifying care for transgender adolescents.

“These bills are not only rooted in falsehood, hatred and fear, but also invade the private interactions between each of us and our healthcare providers,” says Stevens. I did.

According to the report, nearly 2 percent of all young people across the country recognize that they are transgender. Trevor Project, LGBTQ’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for young people. And overall, transgender adolescents report a higher rate of depression, suicide and casualties than cisgender adolescents. 2018 alone, one in three transgender youth report Attempt suicide. Bills like SB 514 exacerbate these issues, say transgender and queer supporters.

“SB514 is an extreme and dangerous bill,” Casey Pick, a senior researcher on Trevor Project advocacy and government affairs, told Yahoo News. “Rejecting medically necessary care and changing schools to places where transgender and non-binary young people cannot trust the adults around them to act in the best interests can contribute to the risk of suicide. It only works to increase sexual isolation and stigma. “

Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson

Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson. (Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Arkansas became the first state to ban sex-verifying treatment or surgery for transgender youth under the age of 18, despite Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson. Rejection of bill The day before, he said “too much”. The legislature has overturned the governor’s veto power.

“The bill is widespread and extreme, not the grandfather of a young man currently receiving hormone therapy,” Hutchinson said. “In other words, when this law comes into force, young people who are currently being treated by doctors will not be able to receive treatment.”

Transgender supporters say it’s enough.

Ann C. Webb, senior policy adviser to the American Liberal League in North Carolina, told Yahoo News: “Gender-affirming healthcare is life-saving care, which can be devastating and even fatal. It is forbidden to bring about positive results. “

“These bills send a heartbreaking message to feared transgender youth throughout our state,” she added. “Transgender youth are loved and seen, and we never stop fighting to protect their dignity, rights, and lives.”

Put up a sign for reading on a crowded sidewalk

Thousands of people are protesting the anti-trans law. (Photo courtesy of Michael Nigro / Pacific Press / LightRocket via Getty Images)

Transgender activist Lillian Lennon was 14 years old when her parents sent her from Alaska to Utah for two years of conversion therapy.

“Transgender people live in you. We deserve the basic rights given to others in our community, like you and unlike you.” Lennon told Yahoo News. “I know first-hand what it’s like to be a transgender without support or protection and not unwilling to go out to friends and family. I’m hopeless. But there is hope. Young people can achieve better results by strengthening communities and resources rather than breaking them apart. “

SB 514 must first be deliberated by the Commission before being brought to the North Carolina General Assembly seat for final voting. Another bill banning transgender girls and women athletics, HB358, will be heard next Wednesday. If either bill is enacted, ACLU and its partners will try to prevent them in proceedings.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing to expand the rights of transgender youth.

On Tuesday, North Carolina Democrats said Enhanced protectionThis includes the complete abolition of House Building 2 or the state’s “Bathroom Bill,” which was passed in 2016 and partially abolished a year later. Progressive lawmakers are also pushing for a ban on homosexual conversion therapy practices.

LGBT activists and their supporters gather to assist transgender people on the steps of New York City Hall

LGBT activists and their supporters will meet on the steps of New York City Hall to assist transgender people. (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

State-wide Democrats hope they can work with Republicans to ensure that transgender youth are in a position to succeed rather than prepare for failure. Stated.

“We believe we can get together to protect our children, regardless of the party,” said Democratic Senator Natasha Marcus.

Transgender activists say it’s the legislator’s job to make transgender youth easier, not harder.

“our the study It shows that half of the transgender and non-binary adolescents who wanted mental health care in the past year couldn’t get it. One in three says they don’t feel that their providers understand sexual orientation or gender identity. The Trevor Project said. “That’s why lawmakers shouldn’t expand the group’s opportunities and support services and make life harder than ever.”

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