Republicans in Tennessee said that only Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump would be concerned that the state Republicans had kicked Trump-supporting candidates out of the ballot because “she is Jewish.” Stated

Morgan Ortags and Jared Kushner.

Morgan Ortags and Jared Kushner.Ricardo Sabi and Drew Angeler / Getty Images

  • The Republican Party of Tennessee launched Morgan Ortags, a Jewish supporter of Trump, from a ballot on Thursday.

  • Senator Frank Niceley said he would care because only Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are Jewish.

  • Nicely ignited last week by summoning Hitler and submitting a bill to criminalize camping on state-owned property.

Republican Senator in Tennessee said only the Jewish family of former President Donald Trump would care about the Republican Party in the state. Launched the house candidate he choseMorgan Ortagus, from the primary.

Altergas, who was a spokesperson for the State Department during President Trump, Convert to Judaism.. Her campaign for house seats in the Nashville area was approved by the former president in February, but she met resistance from local Republicans who were angry at her move-in from outside the state.

“I don’t think Trump cares in either direction,” said Senator Frank Niceley. Told NBC News.. “Jared Kushner-he’s Jewish, I think she’s Jewish-I think Jared is upset. Ivanka [Trump] I’m upset. I don’t think Trump cares. “

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are both Jewish.Trump’s daughter Conversion to faith After she married Kushner in 2009.

Nicely, who led the legislation requiring Congressional candidates to live in Tennessee for at least three years to qualify for the first vote, also told NBC “to vote for Trump as long as he is alive,” he said. He said he didn’t. I want him to come here and tell me who he will vote for, “he said.

Trump Spokesman Taylor Glitch Said to the tennessees The idea that Trump is okay to remove Ortagus from the ballot is a “dirty lie,” and state Republicans “quietly pull the string to illegally remove President Trump’s supporter, Morgan Ortagus, from the ballot. I’m trying to remove it. “

State Republican Party on Tuesday Voted to remove Ortagus from the primary The party’s bylaws require candidates to vote in three of the last four Republican primaries and actively participate in local politics.

In response, Ortagus said he “evaluates the options in front of us,” but criticized Nicely’s comments as anti-Semitic.

“I blame those who traffick this hatred,” Ortagus said in a statement. “Senator Nicely’s repulsive words are no more clear in despising the Jews. This racism is intolerable.”

“We should be ashamed of his recurring anti-Semitic rhetoric,” added Nicely, adding that “I am very proud to call myself part of the Jewish people.”

The Republican Jewish Union also criticized Nicely, Write on twitter The “stink” of his rhetoric anti-Semiticism.

“His reasoning that only the Jews around President Trump care about Morgan Ortags reveals a dark side that is not in Republican politics because she is Jewish herself,” they write. rice field.

The Nicely office did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Nicely has faced national criticism last week.

Nice three last thursday Called Nazi leader Adolf Hitler As an example of a person who “continues to live his life in a history book” while claiming a bill that criminalizes camping on public land.

His claim was that homeless people could lead a productive life after leaving the homeless camp.

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