Republicans in the seven states have submitted documents that falsely prove Trump’s elections. Most Attorney Generals are investigating whether it is a fraud.

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  • The Watchdog Group has discovered that Republicans in seven states have falsely attempted to prove the election in favor of Donald Trump.

  • A group of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin forged the document.

  • Attorney Generals in three of these states told insiders how they were dealing with them.

Some state prosecutors who tried to tamper with documents by illegitimate voters, saying Donald Trump won the majority of the votes, are investigating and considering the indictment.

Republican supporters of Trump Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin submitted documents to Congress, and according to documents obtained by the Watchdog Group, Trump was in the state after the majority of the votes actually went to Joe Biden. Falsely claimed to have won American surveillance March 2021.

American Oversight has requested all certificates for the 2020 voter vote that have not yet been published. Results of the 2020 Electoral College.

“Cooperative and multilateral efforts to question the 2020 elections and undermine the voter voting process have tragically led to a violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6th. Connected. Parliamentary accreditation of the votes of the actual electoral colleges in each state. “

Insiders contacted the prosecutors’ chiefs of each state for comment on the findings. Attorney General Aaron Ford of Nevada said his office “cannot confirm or deny the existence of the investigation,” but the report “is our radar and to rob Nevada of the vote. I am working hard on it. “

“There was ongoing effort to invalidate the 2020 elections and downplay the shocking actions that followed. My office accepts any efforts to overturn free and fair elections. We cannot and do not accept. Voting rights are the basis of our democratic republic and we will continue to protect them. “

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas told insiders that the case was being reviewed.

“Election law is the foundation of our democracy and must be respected. Although a review under state law is underway, we refer this issue to appropriate federal law enforcement authorities and refer to it. We will provide the support they deem necessary, “Valderas said.

In a statement to insiders, the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Shapiro said after the review that “letricks and policies were deliberately misleading and deliberately damaging democracy.” “I don’t believe the case meets the legal standards of counterfeiting,” he said.

“Pennsylvania Republicans keep secret that they plan to nominate their electoral colleges and submit their voting forms to perpetuate big lie during the 2020 election certification process. It wasn’t, “said the agency. “These’fake ballots’ contained a conditional clause that would only be used if the court overturned the results in Pennsylvania, but this did not happen. “

The Attorney General of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin did not respond to insider requests for comment.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Assistant District Attorney Matthew Westphal reportedly said he had consulted with Attorney General Josh Kaul on whether to investigate 10 Republicans who had illegally found a vote for Trump.

Westphal said the cowl office or federal prosecutor would need to handle the investigation. The journal reported that Cowl had previously said the issue should be investigated at the federal level.

In Michigan, Attorney General Dana Nessel said MSNBC: “Under state law, obviously you have forgery of public records, which is a 14-year crime, and forgery of election law, which is a 5-year crime.”

The findings of the American Oversight were published prior to the September 2021 report. Lawyer John Eastman wrote a six-page note It was presented to Trump’s legal team a few days before the Capitol riot detailing plans to overturn the 2020 elections. The memo contained a reference to a forged certificate.

Thursday, CNN When Washington post Reported members Trump’s inner circle, including Rudolph Giuliani, has coordinated an illegitimate election plan.

Giuliani has already been summoned by the US Congressional Commission investigating the January 6 riots. The investigative committee is also investigating the illegitimate electoral system and the role played by Trump and its affiliates in it. Politico report.

“I want to see the cheating involved in creating these fake Electoral College certificates,” Jamie Raskin told Politico. “And I would like to see if this was part of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the 2020 elections.”

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