Republicans scramble to stay away from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “America First” caucuses

Congress Green Twitter (Copyright 2021 Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Congress Green Twitter (Copyright 2021 Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

U.S. representative Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe rally of immigrant exclusionists celebrating the American heritage ended before it actually began, but only whites.

America first Caucus, inspired by Ms. Green, is probably best known for being stripped of the Commission’s seat for openly flirting with many in support of the assassination threat to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on social media. Has been done. Conspiracy theory, Includes what Parkland School Shooting claims to be fake and QAnon.

Members of the caucuses were supposed to “follow in the footsteps of President Trump, potentially stepping on some toes and sacrificing sacred cows for the benefit of the American people.” Punch bowl news..

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz, now on suspicion of a child sexual trafficking scandal after Ms. Green announced her intention to form a caucuse, announced her intention to join the Republican Party and the Left jointly. I moaned for street development.

Unexpectedly, other Republicans also seem to oppose the idea, which may be the reason why Ms. Green eventually abandoned the idea of ​​the caucuses. Ms. Green claimed that the caucuses came from her staff and put an end to the plan when she learned of it.

Shortly after the caucuse flyer and internal staff draft proposals were leaked online, Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy issued a tweet that appeared to directly refer to the idea of ​​America First. ..

“The Republican Party is Lincoln’s party, not the dog whistle of immigrant exclusion, but the party of more opportunities for all Americans,” he wrote.

US Congressman Liz Cheney, the third-highest Republican in the House of Representatives, was more direct to her criticism of the caucuses.

“Republicans believe in equal opportunity, freedom and justice for all. We teach our children the values ​​of tolerance, dignity and moral courage,” she writes. “Racism, immigration exclusion, and anti-Semitism are evil. History teaches that we all have an obligation to confront and reject such malicious hatred.”

Organizational proposals include many topics such as fraudulent election plots, state rights, complaints about “Big Tech” bias towards conservatives, immigration, trade, infrastructure, especially new building aesthetics, coronavirus, and “Chinese Communist Party.” Applies to. Party “etc.

Immigration and trade were the longest and most developed sections of policy documents.

Critics have pointed out the very open claims of the caucuses to bring the cultural ideas of “Anglo-Saxon” to the forefront of American policy. White supremacy In the most literal sense.

AtlanticAdam Selwar wrote an editorial about a caucuse titled “Anglo-Saxon is what you say when’whites only’is too comprehensive,” and the wealthy and established whites of the United States are far from the Jews. Mentioned history as a means to put in and white immigrants arriving from places like Poland, Italy, Greece and Russia.

He argued that despite GOP leaders trying to distance themselves from the caucuses, it was clear that the Republicans still supported them. Donald Trump Even if they can’t publicly support it, they may fully support the ideas behind the caucuses.

“Despite McCarthy’s efforts to keep the Republicans away from the documents of the America First Caucus, prominent trumpist officials and intellectuals are descendants of a group of highly immigrants intended to be blamed by the Anglo-Saxons. It is clear that there is, and I agree with some of the Anglo-Saxon estimates. Saxonism, “Sawah wrote. “As Francis Walker wrote, the response to the idea that non-Anglo-Saxons are biologically incapable of’self-management and autonomy’is Fox News claiming that hosts like Tucker Carlson are Democrats. You can listen to it regularly at outlets like. “We want to replace the current voters and replace the voters who are currently casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World.”

On Tuesday, Ms. Green said she was “a proud” member of Freedom Caucus, a group of hard-line Republicans she united with, as the media was making up a story about her. I don’t need it, “he insisted, and it was completely reversed. years ago. She sought to portray the short-lived American First Caucus media coverage as an attack on HouseFreedom Caucus.

This is in contrast to a statement released by her office on Friday, telling readers to “watch out for the release of the America First Caucus platform when it’s released to the public soon.”

A lawmaker said she “did a deal with the staff” who allegedly wrote a seven-page policy document without her knowledge, and although the words of the document were not hers and there was no caucuses, she Said he would continue to push him. Trump’s “America First” policy.

Green’s spokesman Nick Dyer first sent a statement promoting the platform for the next caucuse, but “members want to make it clear that she hasn’t launched anything. This was early. It was a proposal for the plan, and nothing was agreed upon. ” Or approved. “

Gates seemed to think the process was almost complete. Parliamentarians suffering from scandals tweeted Friday, proclaiming their pride in joining the group.

US lawmakers Paul Gosar, Loei Gomart, and Barry Moore were also listed as involved in or shortly involved in the caucuses before Ms. Green discontinued the idea.

In addition to claiming that the entire case is fake news, Ms. Green is also targeting one of the running journalists. Punch bowl news, Jake Sherman.

After refuting her claim that she did not intend to launch a caucuse by emphasizing that her staff planned to do so on record, Sherman said she was in the United States. I asked him why he didn’t cover what Congressman Maxine Waters said.

Ms. Waters called on protesters of racial justice to “more conflict” if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was acquitted of George Floyd’s murder. Republicans have faithfully expressed their anger at the comments, pointing out Mr. Waters’ words as a call to incite violence against police officers by opponents.

Sherman pointed out that his publication covered Waters for days, but Green ignored it. She then accused Ms. Waters of trying to start a “racial war.” She allegedly tried to start a caucuse built entirely on the idea of ​​mandating the country to express Anglo-Saxon art and culture, but called Sherman gossip. Bloggers before refusing to get further involved in the discussion.

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