Republicans tout the benefits of the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill, despite voting against it

Madison Corthorn

Congressman Madison Corthorn (R-North Carolina) will speak on the house floor. House TV via AP

  • Republicans are promoting the benefits of the COVID-19 Relief Act, which they opposed in Congress.

  • Mitch McConnell said Republicans would “discuss” the issue of the bill with Americans.

  • Meanwhile, healthcare and restaurant funding has been praised by some GOP members.

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For months, Congressional Republicans have unanimously opposed 2021 American Rescue Planning Act, With President Joe Biden Sign the law March.

The stimulus package, which includes direct personal incentives of $ 1,400, funding state and local governments, federal unemployment assistance of $ 300 by September, and increased child tax deductions, has received a single GOP support vote. did not. In the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell After the Bill Passed Slammed Legislation as “a classic example of big government democracy overkill in the name of Covid’s salvation” and as “one of the worst legislations” he saw in the Senate for 36 years.

He also Said The GOP will “repeatedly discuss” with the American people about the true content of the bill in the coming months.

However, some Republicans are now promoting popular elements of the bill they opposed at Capitol Hill.

North Carolina Conservative Freshman GOP Rep. Madison Corthorn Pointed out health funds In his district in a tweet last week, the Appalachian Mountains Community Health Center included about $ 2.5 million and the North Carolina Western Community Health Service, which was part of the law, included $ 4.6 million.

“I’m happy to announce that NC-11 has been awarded a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services,” he wrote. “I’m proud to see the taxpayer’s dollars returned to NC-11.”

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison Be careful Hawthorn’s tweet and lawmakers and GOP were blown up.

“Come on, to a man,” he wrote. “”@RepCawthorn He is trying to acknowledge the credit of the grant he voted against. Republicans are not ashamed. “

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Corthorn spokesman Mika Bock Told NBC News In a statement last week, Congressman used his social media account “to post information related to his members to NC-11.”

“In many cases, this means providing federal information related to proposals that parliamentarians do not endorse,” he said. “There are some US rescue programs that benefit NC-11, but the bill is partially unpassed and either fully or not passed at all. This bill is far more than profitable. There is harm. “

Mississippi GOP Senator Roger Wicker praise Billions of targeted funding for the restaurant industry he advocated-it was part of the final package he voted against.

“Independent restaurant owners have earned $ 28.6 billion worth of targeted bailouts.” He tweeted After the bill is passed. “This funding allows SMEs to survive the pandemic by helping them adapt their businesses and maintain employee salaries.”

When asked by CNN’s Manuraju why he didn’t support the full measure, Wicker said he didn’t have to accept the full measure and was critical of the question.

“Just because the $ 1.9 trillion bill has one good clause doesn’t mean you have to vote for it … I think that’s a silly question. I’m not going to vote for $ 1.9 trillion. Good rules in it. “

Congressional Republicans have now found themselves in the corner of the matter.

Pew Research Center Poll release Immediately before the bill was signed, 70% of adults in the United States supported the bill and only 28% of respondents showed that they opposed the bill.

Even 41% of the fairly minority Republican or pro-Republican respondents supported the COVID-19 bailout bill.

National GOP leaders have promised to use the bill as a campaign attack against Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections, but about 30 Republican mayors throughout the county, from David Holt in Oklahoma City to John Giles in Mesa. But support legislation.

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