Republicans treated Covid like a biological weapon.Then it turned his back on them


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Some of the most powerful conservatives in the United States have chosen to disinformation with ridicule and distrust of proven ways to combat illness, from masks to vaccines to social distances, since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Did. Their actions have afflicted the entire country with more illness, death and economic crisis than good scientific leadership, and despite hundreds of thousands of well-documented deaths and new surges, they I’m continuing. Their malice has become so normal that its true nature is rarely dealt with. Call it a propaganda biological warfare.

Jared Kushner Spiritual heir A photo of an army surrounding the city of Kafa in the Black Sea in 1346. According to reports of the same period, plague-infected corpses scattered across the city walls. This is sometimes referred to as the way Black Death came to Europe. In Europe, tens of millions (one-third of Europe’s population) will die in the next 15 years.Business insider paper “The Kushner coronavirus team avoided national strategy, believing that the virus was the hardest hit on the Democratic Party and could blame the governor,” he said a year ago. A regime dedicated to saving lives rather than earning points could have contained a pandemic rather than making the United States the most devastated country in the world. Illness and casualties may have been much lower and may have been better protected from Delta variants.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Seattle and New York City were hit hard, and Republicans seemed to have imagined that the pandemic would first hit Democratic states and cities. Indeed, in 2020, blacks, Latinos and indigenous peoples were disproportionately affected. To be clear, the Republicans enabled mass death and incapacity campaigns, which they believed meant primarily death and illness to those they regarded as enemies.

Nonetheless, Democratic governors, indigenous peoples, and people with moderate to left-wing views have done a better job of protecting themselves from this tragedy. Currently, the most devastating areas in the country are Republican-led states and regions. At some point recently, under Governor Ron DeSantis, a raging science denial, Florida, which accounts for about 7.5% of the US population, accounted for 20% of all new Covid cases. The governors of Florida and Texas have banned mask obligations and attempted to protect public health, including children’s health, and rebellion by cities and school districts.Desantis supporters Peddler The “Don’t Fauci My Florida” T-shirt and cooler box have the text “How do you drink beer with a mask?” Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, on July 27, due to a surge in Delta infections Tweet“Don’t make a mistake. The threat of bringing back a mask is not a scientific decision, but a decision made by a liberal government official who wants to live in a lasting pandemic.”

Call Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham the spiritual heirs of Sir Jeffery Amherst, commander of the British Army, who wrote to the lower ranks in 1763.As the New York Times put it With a characteristic calm, “Carlson, Ingraham, and guests of their program said in the broadcast that the vaccine could be dangerous. It is justified that people reject them. And that public agency went through their attempts to provide them. “Newsweek was dull, Quote Ingraham himself said the vaccine was “an attempt to impose experimental drugs on Americans against their will, threatening them and depriving them of their basic freedom if they did not comply.” The goal was to offend the audience and prevent vaccination, but there was clear evidence that the vaccine would prevent both the vaccinated disease and the spread of the disease. By the way, vaccines are a way to eliminate smallpox all over the world.

Of course, there is another angle to the conservative response to pandemics. The far-right ideology is an absolute goal for freedom, especially for white men. Even if we all are aware of the intertwined system, we can impose obligations on others and on the whole. Science itself is a series of explanations of our intertwining. How to move beyond crops sprayed with pesticides, how fossil fuel emissions contribute to health problems and climate change, and how to prevent the spread of disease by populations. action. After all, right-wing ideologies have emphasized the right to own a gun and carry it rather than being threatened or killed by it, as thousands are in the United States each year.

But just as the right to swing guns is defended in the face of the death of those guns, the right to contract and spread sometimes deadly and often debilitating illnesses is defended as an antithesis of responsibility not to do so. It is safe to assume that Republican leaders know better, and some of their followers know, and some do not. Some have chosen to engage in biological weapons. Some are just tools used in the war. That is, some of them are unconscious corpses, unconscious smallpox blankets, scattered across the walls. Some of them are mentally Amherst. A masseuse, a friend of my friend, had a client who laughed at the end of the session and revealed that her vaccination card was fake: definitely Amherst.

Covid-19 is not the first time people have decided to benefit from promoting the death of others. The fossil fuel industry plummeted, fully aware that the climate catastrophe was the result of its products. This is the most extreme example. Manufacturers of guns and prescription opiates do the same. However, it may be the first time that new threats have been dramatically increased by those who sell ideology and sowing sectors rather than direct profiters.

Measuring the effects of pandemic deaths excludes other important effects. Millions of school children isolated, poorly educated, millions of parents exhausted by dual obligations, millions of small businesses closed, millions unemployed Poverty, dreams collapse, millions are isolated, worried, and millions are mourning the dead. Healthcare workers who were selfless and heroic for the first time were able to get vaccinated and pay attention to hospitalized people, but very often chose not to, so they were depressed. did. Poison goes through everything. Some of them were deliberately disseminated.