Rescue of a Dutch ship drifting off the coast of Norway postponed for one day

Helsinki (AP) — Bad weather has postponed efforts to rescue a Dutch cargo ship drifting off the coast of Norway for two days after the crew evacuated, Norwegian maritime officials said Wednesday. ..

Norwegian and Dutch salvage experts will try again on Thursday.

Hans Petter Mortensholm, Emergency Director of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, said:

According to Norwegian officials, the weather in the area improved slightly and the vessel was not at risk of capsizing — although it was listed at an angle of 40-50 degrees.

However, it is slowly being carried ashore by the waves and is in danger of landing later on Wednesday. Ship tanks contain large amounts of diesel and fuel, which can cause environmental disasters if released into the sea.

Designed to carry boats to the deck, the Dutch-registered special vessel Eemslift Hendrika drifts in the area where the North Sea meets the Norwegian Sea, about 40-50 km (25-31 miles) from the coast. Alesund.

Twelve crew members evacuated to the shore by helicopter late Monday after the ship signaled a distress following a power outage in the main engine room in rough seas.

Norwegian news agency NTB said under a rescue plan, four Dutch rescue experts would be helicopted down to Eemslift Hendrika and then attached tow ropes to secure the vessel to two waiting tugs. ..

A large boat on the deck of 6-year-old Eemslift Hendrika fell off the ship in rough seas on Tuesday, helping to stabilize the ship.