Rescue of Australian teens after a shark attack in southwestern Melbourne


After being attacked by a shark on Ocean Grove Beach, 113 km southwest of Melbourne on Monday night, two teenagers have a family that appreciates their lives.

Hobbes’ family, Peter, Diane, Ella, and James, said they enjoyed surfing around 7 pm on Monday when they noticed a fuss with two teenagers nearby. Today’s show..

Initially, the family thought they were playing, but soon began screaming that they had been bitten by a shark.

“We were still in distrust, but we just got into action stations,” Hobs said.

According to former trauma nurse Diane Hobbs, the girl was bitten on her lower leg, the tourniquet and her hand, but the boy was bitten on her back.

Peter called an ambulance, two volunteer surf life savers helped Diane, and the kids took care of the teenagers.

Peter remembered being nervous when his son James was actually rowing the board to help a teenager, but was proud of how he and the whole family handled the case. I said there was.

Diane said the teenage girl was calm and responsive, and the boy was able to maintain a good sense of humor throughout the trials. “I think the shock is amazing in this situation,” she said.

She also praised the immediate arrival of the rescuers.

When asked if the family is happy to welcome the hero. Diane said: “I don’t know. You just use the skills you think you need to be in the right place, at the right time, and help others.”

Both teenagers were stably taken to Geelong University Hospital, after which the boy was discharged.

Lifesaving Victoria said lifeguards thoroughly evaluated Ocean Grove Main Beach on Tuesday morning and showed no signs of sharks.The beach was reopened around 11:00 am

according to Australian Shark Case DatabaseNo other unprovoked shark attacks have been recorded in Victoria in 2021, but New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia have each experienced six attacks.

Two of the NSW attacks were fatal, none of which was fatal in Western Australia, but five caused injuries.

In 2021, no unprovoked attacks were reported in other states or the Northern Territory.

Steve Milne