Research groups say whales that have appeared in Montreal haven’t been seen since Sunday

Whales can be seen in the waters of the St. Lawrence River near Montreal on May 9, 2022. (Canadian Press / Morgan Lowrie)

A marine mammal research group reports that two minke whales found near Montreal last week were not seen for more than 48 hours.

Robert Michaud of the ReseauquĂ© becois d’urgence spourles mammifèresmarins group said today that one of the whales was last observed on Sunday morning, about 25 km downstream from the old port of Montreal.

The first minke whale was first discovered on May 8th, followed by a second whale on May 11th. Both are lost about 450km upstream of the normal range.

Michaux says a team of volunteers are still in place to look for whales, hoping that the animals will return to Saguenay-cent and back downstream. Lawrence Marine Park is home to hundreds of marine life.

He said that if whales remain in the Montreal region of the St. Lawrence River, their freshwater is hostile to minke whales and they are surprised that they are still alive in a week.

Michaux said one of the whales has a very recognizable curved spine.

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