Research reveals that Chinese medicine is effective for long -term COVID improvement: HKHA

Hong Kong Hospital authorities (HA) published research on clinical data on Chinese medicine in the treatment of the recovered COVID-19 patients on September 28. This indicates that the recovery period of Chinese herbal medicine can promote and improve remaining symptoms. Lung function and constitution.

This study was conducted between September 2020 and December 2021. The research team collected clinical data for her recovery of 150 recovery of her Covid-19 patients. More than 60 % are women, 30 % or more are men, and he is 18 years old and over 80 years old. , Most middle age.

During the infection, patients often suffered fever, fatigue, air cough, muscles and joint pain, and headaches.

In this study, the recovered patient was found to have a lower lung function performance than a group of the same age when a walking test was taken.

Three or six months after Chinese medicine treatment, their lung functions improved, and their compliance rates increased from 5% to 15%, but 85% did not meet the standards.

According to a survey, more than 70% of recovered patients have both lungs and spleen or shortage of life energy, and more than 40% have both. After the treatment, 16 % of his recovered patient achieved a balanced constitution.

The clinical symptoms of recovered patients have also improved. 35.7 % of his recovered patient stopped coughing, 28.6 % recovered from his breath, and 36.5 % recovered from fatigue.

This study does not aim for a specific clinical symptom, but rather enhances the immune system for patient constitution, lifestyle, and customs, rather than for specific clinical symptoms. He pointed out that it is intended to be eliminated. .

Bian Zhaoxiang, a quasi-president of Hong Kong Baptist University, states that Chinese medicine can effectively promote residual residual symptoms and improve the lung function and constitution of the recovered COVID-19 patient. I was.

The research team is composed of HA, Hong Kong Baptist University, China Medical School at Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong University, and seven Chinese medical clinics.

This research is published in international academic magazines, Chinese medicine, and is the first clinical study that was published internationally. research From Hong Kong, focusing on the effects of Chinese herbal medicine in the rehabilitation of COVID-19.