“Resident Evil 4” will land on Oculus Quest 2 this year

Resident Evil 4


As previously announced, at the latest Oculus sharing event, the developer Armature announced more details of the VR version of “Resident Evil 4”. In this game that will land on Oculus Quest 2 this year, players can control Lyon from a more immersive first perspective. Many scenes and operations in the game have also been modified for VR. For example, you can directly pick up an object, switch weapons without using a menu, and you can use different weapons in each hand.

In addition, Armature also reproduced the animation and scene details based on Unreal Engine 4, but in general still strives to retain the charm of classic masterpieces. The official has promised to share more information with players in the near future.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6c0UOKL