“Resident Evil: Endless Darkness” CG series will be launched on Netflix in July


Resident Evil: Endless Darkness

At the earlier live broadcast conference, in addition to announcing the demo information of “Resident Evil 8”, Capcom also confirmed that the CG series “Resident Evil: Endless Darkness” created by Netflix will be officially launched in July this year. On-line broadcast. It is reported that the story of the play took place in 2006, which is almost two years after “Resident Evil 4”. Director Eiichiro Hazumi has directed CG works for the first time, and the well-known composer Yugo Kanno will also participate in the creation.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6cXugCi

It is worth mentioning that the producer Yuyuki Kobayashi also mentioned in the event that the new live-action movie of the “Resident Evil” series restart has been completed and is currently in the stage of making CG special effects. If all goes well, it is estimated to be officially released later this year.