Residents evacuated during the Australian Flood

Reuters video

People flee when floods submerge Australian towns

Story: On Monday (February 28), heavy rains struck the east coast of Australia, submerged the town and stranded residents on the rooftop, ordering tens of thousands of people to evacuate. Nine people have died since the downpour began last Thursday, and rescue teams have been searching for at least four people reported missing on Monday. “Everything is happening to help people in southeastern Queensland, and in fact in the more serious crisis situations currently seen in northern New South Wales. The flood event there is in New South Wales. The floods have occurred in the same way as Queensland in the northern part of the state, but I have never seen a flood in Lismore. It is a critical situation. “In Lismore, New South Wales, nearly 30,000 people The water level rose and surprised people as the inhabitants of the house were forced to leave the house immediately. ”I have been here for nearly 30 years in this house. I’ve never seen anything like this. No, never. “Parents and mother, brother, father and two dogs are waiting to come out of South Lismore.” The Meteorological Department said the city’s Wilsons River could reach about 14.4 meters on Monday afternoon. I warned. , Beyond the last peak of 1954. In some parts of Australia, February rainfall records have already been broken, with some places having more than a month or more than a year of rain per day.