Residents of Crimea see real threat of shifting war to peninsula Ukraine Military Intelligence Directorate

Valentina RomanenkoSunday, July 31, 2022 12:26

The mood of the inhabitants of Russian-occupied Crimea has changed. It is becoming clear that the threat of war against the peninsula’s territories is becoming a reality.

sauce: In an interview with Vadim Skivitsky, head of the Main Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine radio liberty‘s local news outlet “Crimea.Realities”

Quote from Skivitsky: “Gradually, this is reaching the population of Crimea. We are monitoring issues related to such public opinion.

I will say this: first of all, people have changed: those who have relatives on the territory [Ukrainian] provinces – Kyiv or Kharkov, or relatives of the occupied territories, where villages and cities were simply destroyed. And secondly, for those who have lost their brothers, sons and fathers … the threat of war on Crimean territory is already becoming a reality. ”

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