Resigned after chaired by Texas Republican Allen West

Austin, Texas (AP) — Republican Chairman Allen West of Texas said on Friday that he would resign after a short but struggling act that used his job to hostile the Republican leaders in America’s largest red state. Including protest Outside Greg Abbott’s mansion.

The decision fueled speculation that West, a fire brand that served for a term in the US House of Representatives after appearing during the 2010 Tea Party movement, might run for offices throughout Texas. , He did not imply future plans in a statement issued by the party.

Abbott, who runs for the third term in 2022, was endorsed by former President Donald Trump earlier this week.

West’s resignation put an end to the turmoil of 11 months as activist chairman. This included protesting outside Abbott’s mansion over coronavirus restrictions last fall.

West also called Dade Phelan, the new Republican chairman of the Texas House of Representatives, a “traitor” for working with Democrats, accusing GOP lawmakers of deliberately trying to derail looser gun control legislation. Finally passed..

West was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2010, and after serving for a term, moved to Texas. He won a leadership post in Texas at a virtual tournament last summer, plagued by delays and technical issues after a direct gathering in Houston. It was canceled due to the influence of coronavirus..

At least one state office in Texas is expected to open in 2022: The General Land Office is currently run by Republican George P. Bush and was announced this week. He is running for Attorney General To the incumbent Ken Paxton who was in trouble.

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