Response to Australian courts in favor of Djokovic’s visa cancellation

Melbourne — The following are Serbs to the record 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open from January 17th to 30th, in support of the government’s decision by the Australian Federal Court to revoke Novak Djokovic’s visa. It is a reaction to the end of the bid.


“Before making any further comments, I now take some time to rest and recover.

“I am very disappointed with the court’s decision to dismiss the application for judicial review of the Minister’s decision to revoke the visa, which means that I cannot stay in Australia and participate in the Australian Open.”

Djokovic’s family

“We are very disappointed with the federal court ruling and the fact that Novak has to leave Australia.

“This was not only about sports and play in the first Grand Slam of the season Novak had dominated for 10 years, but also about the politics and all the benefits that won in this case.

“Despite the scandalous behavior against Novak, we believed the sport would win.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“I welcome the decision to keep borders strong and Australians safe.

“We appreciate the patience of everyone involved in responding quickly to these issues and working to resolve them. It’s time to attend the Australian Open and play tennis during the summer. I did. “

Serbian President Alexander Vucci

“I talked to Djokovic and told him I couldn’t wait to see him. I told him he was always welcome in Serbia.”

ATP Tour

“Today’s decision … marks the end of a very disappointing series of events. Ultimately, we need to respect the legal authorities’ decisions on public health issues.

“No matter how we reach this point, Novak is one of the biggest champions of our sport and his absence from the Australian Open is a loss of the game.

“ATP continues to strongly recommend vaccination for all players.”

Serbian Prime Minister Anna Brunavic

“I think the court ruling is scandalous. I’m disappointed. I think it shows how the rule of law works, or it’s better to say that it doesn’t work in other countries. increase.”

Former world number one Andy Murray to BBC

“It’s not suitable for tournaments because it’s better for all the top players to play at the event.

“Novak is the one we’ve known since we were 12 years old. He’s the one I respect and compete with. I don’t like him in this situation and he’s detained. I don’t like to do it either.

“The situation wasn’t good for everyone overall. It was such a mess because I felt that everything here happened very marginally.”

Mats Wilander, a former Eurosport player and seven major winners

“I was surprised and shocked. I’ve been a little tired of hearing about this for a week. I acknowledge a lot of credit for trying Novak, but at the same time he’s a rule. I knew that you might have to be vaccinated by.

“Can we get the new number one? Well, it’s possible. How much Novak can travel, how many tournaments he can play, and ultimately whether he needs to be vaccinated. I think it depends a lot.

“His career is at a loss and he may have to do something he really doesn’t want to do.”

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

“The end of the week-long political circus. It was avoided because Morrison didn’t issue a visa to #Djokovic in the first place.

“Then he tries to look like Howard on a hairy chest:” We decide who comes here, no one else. ” On the other hand, the hospital crisis is off the top page. “

Canadian tennis player Vasek Pospisil

“Novak would not have been to Australia without the government’s exemption from entry into Australia.

“He would have skipped the Australian Open and stayed home with his family, and no one would have talked about this turmoil.

“The political agenda was here and the elections were approaching, but this wasn’t even more obvious.”

French tennis player Alizé Cornet

“I know very little to judge the situation. What I know is that Novak is always the first person to represent a player. But none of us support him. It was. Please strengthen @DjokerNole. “

Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky

“A very sad day in the history of tennis. It’s sad that politics breaks common sense … The law is one for everyone, but the interpretation is different for everyone. He’s different from others. It’s shameful to target one person because of his belief. “

American tennis player John Isner

“Nole has always been in class and will continue to be in class. He is an absolute legend in my book and has benefited millions of people around the world. This is incorrect. “

Australian Senator Nick McKim

“Djokovic is deported and resumes a privileged life, while those who are found to be real refugees are in Australia after nine years of asylum, murder, abuse and the eradication of brutal humanity. Continues to suffer in prison. We need to get rid of the divine power of the minister. Now. “

Former Australian tennis player Rennae Stubbs

“Today is a sad and sad day for Tennis, Australia, the Australian Open, and obviously @DjokerNole. To be honest, I can’t believe this has happened.”

Daniel Vallverdu, coach, former player

“Everyone in tennis, from players to coaches, journalists and TV commentators … consciously turn pages and pay close attention to the players who will be in the next two weeks. They will continue to train for months. And that’s their time. Good luck everyone! “