Restaurant owner allegedly arrested during staff vaccination check by WA police

According to witnesses on the scene, Western Australian (WA) police arrested the owner and daughter of a family restaurant after police refused to enter the premises and check the vaccination status of staff.

WA has one of the proof of the country’s broadest vaccination requirements, where both staff and patrons need to be fully vaccinated to enter hospitality, entertainment, and fitness venues. Visitors to geriatric care facilities and hospitals also almost always need to be vaccinated.

However, the Epoch Times understands that this could be the first publicly known arrest in Western Australia related to the state’s vaccination obligations.

Phil, the restaurant’s co-owner, explained that his wife, Jody, and her daughter were detained by police on the night of February 7. The footage of the incident shows that at least seven police officers were lined up in front of the restaurant.

“They were checking the vaccination status of their staff,” Phil told the Epoch Times.

“They came in and [Jodie] He said no, and they arrested her for interfering with them to carry out their mission-and then kicked all my innocent staff out of my restaurant. “

Epoch Times Photo
Phil, Jodie, and their daughter holding a release paper after being arrested by WA police outside the Topolinis Caffe restaurant in Perth, Australia, on February 7, 2022. (Scorpion Media Group)

Phil also claimed that two police officers visited the facility early during the day to investigate information from the owner, including the status of vaccination. His wife and daughter were released from detention later that night.

“Mother and daughter — and we were in the cell,” Jody said. report Scorpian Media Group on February 8th.

“We must tell our grandchildren and your children that we have been arrested for her or him because we are standing. [them] … I’m standing up for the future of my children. Otherwise, there is no future. “

“The restaurant and my staff, the 20 staff I have, rely on me for their salary.”

The Epoch Times contacted the Western Australian Police Department to explain the case, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

The Government of Western Australia has been criticized both internationally and domestically for enacting one of Australia’s strictest vaccination obligations.

Criticisms include the suspension of church worship to force masks, the ban on unvaccinated lawyers and juries from court, and the use of slurs against unvaccinated residents of the state. ..

As a result of the measures, tens of thousands of protesters have gathered to oppose the Government of Western Australia.

After announcing “Evidence of the Widest Vaccination Requirements in the Nationwide”, Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan issued a clear warning and directly to non-vaccinated residents of the state “Life is very much for you. It’s getting harder. “

Epoch Times Photo
Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan will speak when announced on December 13, 2021 in Perth, Australia. (AAPImage / Richard Wainwright)

However, McGowan said the decision to enforce widespread evidence of vaccination regulations was to ensure the safety of the state’s population, especially as in the case of Omicron balloons in the eastern state.

As of February 7, Washington recorded a total of 265 active COVID-19 cases, compared to 85,344 in New South Wales and 59,801 in Victoria.

“What we’re trying to do is increase vaccines, better prepare, not only save lives, but also save jobs, so we’re trying to reduce mortality as much as possible,” McGowan said. Says.He said 6PR February 2.

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