Restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral is ready to begin as safety work has been completed


Paris-Notre Dame The cathedral can be restored two years after the work to support it was completed, the attic was destroyed by a fire and its spire collided with the vault below.

Immediately after the fire in April 2019, President Emmanuel Macron said he had promised to rebuild the cathedral dating back to the 12th century and then reopen it by 2024, when France will host the Olympics.

The final stages of efforts to secure that structure include reinforcing the fire-damaged vault with a huge wooden arched frame, and the state agency leading the work has set Macron’s target date for reopening. He added that he is on track to achieve.

The cathedral was designed by architect Eugene Eviole Duc in the mid-1800s and is restored to its previous design, including a 96-meter (315-foot) spire with selected new wood.

Restoration work will begin in the coming months following the bidding process for selecting a company. Earlier, officials said in a statement that cleaning of the building’s interior walls and floors would begin this month.

The fire at Notre Dame has caused shocks in France and around the world. Weeping Parisians and stunned tourists stared incredibly while Inferno was furious at the cathedral, which marks the center of Paris.

Smoke and flames rise during a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral landmark
On April 15, 2019, smoke and flames will be generated during a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, a landmark in central Paris. (Hubert Hitier / AFP / Getty Images)