Retired Southwest Airlines pilot exposes himself to a female co-pilot and admits watching pornography in flight

Southwest Airlines Phoenix

Stephen M. Keller / Southwest Airlines

  • A retired pilot from Southwest Airlines admitted last year that he had done obscene acts during the flight.

  • According to prosecutors, Michael Hark exposed his genitals to the co-pilot and watched pornography in the cockpit.

  • Haak expressed remorse for his actions before being sentenced to a year of probation.

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Retired Southwest Airlines The pilot was sentenced to suspended sentence on Friday after pleading guilty to showing her genitals to a female co-pilot. Porn On a flight from Philadelphia to Florida last year.

Prosecutors claimed that Michael Hark, 66, waited for the flight to reach cruising altitude, then stood up from the pilot’s seat and “intentionally took it off” while watching pornography on his laptop. USA Today reported.

“Hark did more inappropriate acts in the cockpit. The co-pilot continued to perform his duties,” the prosecution said in a statement. According to the BBC. Hawk had never met a female co-pilot before the flight.

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Judge J. Mark Coulson sentenced Hark to a year of probation and a $ 5,000 fine. Coulson said the actions of the former pilot had traumatized the co-pilot.

Hawk apologized for his actions and said that “it started as a prank based on an agreement between me and another pilot,” the BBC reported.

“I never imagined this would be this within 1000 years,” he added.

Originally from Florida, Haak has been a pilot on Southwest Airlines for 27 years. Retired at the end of August last year.

A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman told USA Today that the company “does not tolerate this type of activity and will act promptly if such activity is proven.”

“Nevertheless, Southwest Airlines investigated the issue and, as a result, stopped paying Mr. Hark the profits he was entitled to receive as a result of the separation (from the airline).” A spokeswoman added.

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