Revealing the amnesty of the Capitol attack can be devastating to Trump and his allies

The House Election Commission, investigating the Parliamentary attack, revealed at its first hearing: Donald Trump’s Parliamentary top Republican allies sought amnesty after the January 6 riots. This is the main disclosure that supports the allegation that the case is a coup d’etat and can cause serious scrutiny of stakeholders.

News that several Republicans have sought forgiveness from the Trump White House-apparently guilty-is one of three revelations foretelling potentially dangerous legal and political moments coming to Trump and his allies. It was one.

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At the hearing, Panel Vice-Chair Liz Cheney, a member of the House of Representatives, is the current chair of the ultra-conservative HouseFreedom Caucus, who sought the president’s forgiveness for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Only Scott Perry was nominated.

The Special Committee did not elaborate on other Republican lawmakers seeking amnesty or, more importantly, the crimes seeking amnesty, but at least that they were probably involved in the illegal activity. I seemed to know.

The extraordinary allegations also raised the prospect that Republicans sought amnesty and believed that Trump’s fraudulent election allegations were unfounded.

“Finding a clearer statement about guilt than looking for a pardon for what you’ve done to support plans to overturn the outcome of the presidential election,” said Jamie Ruskin, a member of the special committee. Is difficult. ” He told reporters.

Willful blindness

Disclosure about amnesty Opening time of the hearing The panel claimed that it was unbelievable that Trump won the 2020 election after several of his senior advisers repeatedly told him he had lost to Joe Biden.

Trump was said to have lost the election by his data experts, and his allegations of fraud were “random” by former Justice Secretary Bill Barr, according to a video of a private testimony taken by a special committee. Said, Ivanka Trump accepted the conclusion she said.

Approval by some of Trump’s top aides is important. Because it could allow federal prosecutors to prosecute Trump by interfering with official proceedings or fraudulently fraudulently on the basis of allegations of fraudulent elections that he knew was false. is.

It’s harder to find a clearer statement of guilt consciousness than to look for the amnesty of the action you just took

Jamie Ruskin

At the heart of the case is that, like Joyce Vance, a former US lawyer, the panel appears to be trying to create a “willful blindness” doctrine. Written for MSNBCThis says that if the defendant is surely informed of the truth, it cannot be said that he is unaware of something.

A potential proceeding against Trump was against charges of violating the law suspending Biden’s accreditation on January 6, when he believed there was an election fraud when he was definitely informed that he was “random.” As a defense of, he may take a form that he cannot use. “

Trump-Flynn-Powell Conference

Also, in the first hour of the hearing, the special committee shed new light. Controversial December 18, 2020 meeting Trump was in the White House with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump lawyer and conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell.

The Guardian reported extensively on the meeting, where Powell urged Trump to seize the voting machine and sign a presidential order to suspend normal law. Trump’s Presidential Order 13748And appoint her special counsel to investigate election fraud.

Chaney confirmed reports from this newspaper and other newspapers, and the group discussed “dramatic steps” such as seizure of voting machines, but potential to somehow interfere with Biden’s election victory. The discussion also hinted at.

The rationale for its characterization, based on how Chainy later described the late-night meeting in the Oval Office that followed at the White House residence, is a “fierce protest” in January, just hours after Trump. It seems to be the method of tweeting 6.6.

It’s not clear if Chainy is laying the groundwork for linking Trump to some sort of conspiracy, which indicates that the two have reached an agreement and are taking clear steps to achieve it. Insisted. This is the legal standard for conspiracy.

But the word “barbaric protest” will come shortly after being captured by some of the most prominent far-right political agents.

Hours after Trump’s tweet, according to an archived version of its website, Stop the Steel was “wild” before the movement leader Ali Alexander applied for permission to hold a rally on the eastern side of the rally. Changed banner to promote “Protest” January 6th Rally.