Reynolds signs and permits gun bills to facilitate background checks

Des Moines, Iowa (AP) —Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill on Friday that would allow unlicensed pistols to be brought in and background checks in Iowa.

As of July 1, people can purchase pistols from unlicensed private sources such as websites, gun shows, and individuals without permission or background checks. People can also bring their guns to public places such as grocery stores and shopping malls without prior safety training or permission.

Reynolds said in a statement that the bill would protect citizens’ right to the second amendment to the constitution in compliance with Iowa law.

“We can never outlaw or prevent all villains from getting guns, but what we can do is to keep Iowa safe and have law-abiding citizens constitutionally. To give you full access to your rights, “she said.

Democrats opposed the bill, calling Iowa a dangerous reversal of common-sense security measures that helped keep Iowa safer than states that lifted such restrictions.

“By building a cave in the gun lobby and parliamentary militants, Governor Reynolds failed her members and revealed that she was standing in the gun lobby over public safety,” Gunn said. Said Erica Fletcher, a volunteer for the Safe Iowa Mama Demand Action. Support group. “We’ve seen what happens when the state weakens gun control, gun violence increases, and people die.”

Currently, 22 states have legislation requiring background checks on the sale of all pistols at the point of sale and / or as part of a permit requirement, including current Iowa. In the rest of the states, including Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, you don’t have to do a background check on every sale.

Republican Reynolds has said in the past in support of Iowa’s current background checks and permission to carry pistols. However, she rarely refuses measures backed by Republican colleagues.

The bill passed the Iowa Senate Republican vote only On March 22, at the same time a man shot dead a customer at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Ahmad al-Aliwi Alyssa, who purchased the Ruger AR-556 used six days before the attack, has been charged with murder.

It wiped out the house with the support of only one Democrat.

By terminating the permit and background requirements, the state will ensure that anyone who obtains or owns a gun from an unlicensed seller will not be disqualified from ownership due to past felony or abuse. No longer check to confirm. The bill also eliminates the firearm training currently required to obtain gun permits.

The process of purchasing a gun from a federally licensed dealer has not changed and requires a background check.

Republicans say the bill is a fundamental right of citizens to comply with the law to hold and hold weapons, and the community is safer if more people have guns to protect themselves. He claimed to admit that there was.