Rick Ross and Shak shut down the internet with their feet

Rick Ross When Shaquille O’Neal After the image of their empty feet became viral, I noticed that they were making their own headings this week for an unexpected reason.

O’Neill’s Feet aired on February 9th during an episode of “NBA on TNT” after he entered the studio barefoot. This clip shows a close-up of the 49-year-old dry and unfriendly toes, with co-hosts such as Dwyane Wade, Arnie Johnson, and Candace Parker discussing the next NBA All-Star Game.

Rick Ross and Shaquille O'Neal Photo: @richforever @ shaq / Instagram

Rick Ross and Shaquille O’Neal Photo: @richforever @ shaq / Instagram

When asked why his feet were shy given the approval deal with skin care company Goldbond, O’Neill simply said: It’s dry skin. ” The Continue On February 10th, Ross uploaded a photo of his foot to the Instagram story.

In the deleted image, it seemed that the wrapper was asking the followers to help them apply lotion. He said, “Do you want to lotion me?” With the meter scale. When fans began to look at O’Neill and Ross’ feet, many said they were astonished by the condition of both men’s feet, given how wealthy they were.

“They got too much mf money to walk around on Flynnstone’s feet.”

Rick Ross (left) and Shaquille O'Neal (right) caused a fuss on social media after foot images began to spread online. Photos: @ richforever / Instagram and @nbaontnt / YouTube

Rick Ross (left) and Shaquille O’Neal (right) caused a fuss on social media after foot images began to spread online. Photos: @ richforever / Instagram and @nbaontnt / YouTube

“They are too rich to have unfriendly legs.”

“You no longer have too much money and have legs like that idgaf that is a nasty asf like you !!!!”

“Does all that money and they have legs that look like that ??”

“They have to start better. All money and designers around the world don’t mean s–t if your teeth, toes, nails, and hygiene aren’t up to standard. . “

In previous remarks, others have gone as far as comparing the condition of Ross and O’Neill’s feet. “Honestly, Rick needs lotion, but Shakir needs some work,” one wrote. Another said, “Well, at least Rosai had the soles of his feet. Shaq’s ankles need to be repaired. He needs complete treatment.”

Despite the turmoil, both Ross and O’Neill Social mediaIt is unknown what caused the foot.

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