Rick Ross seems to be throwing a shade for 50 Cent after claiming that the “I Get Money” rapper made only $ 250,000 in “BMF.”


Rick Ross When 50 cents They are still in conflict with each other.

Recently ridiculed rapper his Rapper arch-nemesis was asked in an interview with GQ Magazine about his new show, BMF, based on a real drug trafficking organization called the Black Mafia Family.

Rick Ross (Photo: @ richforever / Instagram) (Photo: @ 50cent / Instagram)

Rick Ross (Photo: @ richforever / Instagram) (Photo: @ 50cent / Instagram)

Ross admitted that he was in tune with the show, but only to support Big Meet, whose birth name is Demetrius Frenoly. Frennory and his brother Terry are heads of the Black Mafia family, and while his brother was released in 2020, Frennory is currently serving 30 years in prison.Production series..

“Man, I first saw [episode].. I was trying to support my buddy Meech, n–, just like on the street. I’m a real n-gga. In 2010, Ross pays homage to BMF in his song “BMF (Blowin’Money Fast),” spitting out lyrics like “I think I’m a big meat, Larry Fover,” referring to drug king Hoover. Represented. The BMF organization has expanded to cities such as Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, and operated in a total of 11 states.

Ross talked about his connection with BMF in a 2010 interview. “They influenced the streets at a completely different level,” Ross told Detroit’s radio show. “And that was one of the reasons the records were made, because when I touched the generations as he did at different levels, I felt it was right to pay homage to the OG.”

Despite 50 and Ross paying homage to Big Meet in songs and shows, the two seem unable to repair their own relationship. “I was able to put [my issues with 50] To the side, “Ross told GQ. “I know he might have made $ 250,000 for the whole season. I’m glad he made that quarter.”

Continuing with Shade 50, he told the journalist who laughed at his sneaky comments. Why do you laugh so much? And be sure to include all these details. If I remove it, I will never interview me again. Please keep it. But it looks like I know he earned $ 250,000 for the whole season, and that’s a good thing. Tell him that you said “Congratulations”. “

Ross and 50 have been strengthening for almost 15 years. It started in 2008 when “Boss” claimed at the 2008 BET Awards that 50 people saw him wrong. That led to the release of 50 songs for the 2009 song “Mafia Music”. That year, many distracks were born between the two. Some of them featured each other’s enemies in their songs.

Fifty years later, Ross exchanged clever comments with each other in interviews and social media. Then, in 2010, Ross’s child’s mother, Lastonia Leviston, sued 50 people for releasing a sex tape between her and her ex-boyfriend. In 2015, he was ordered to pay about $ 7 million. A few years later, the two continued to jab each other. Proceedings It was submitted.

Now it’s probably only a matter of time before 50 people respond to the latest comments on Rozay’s “BMF.”

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