Right-wing preacher cooks the most bonker plea ever for a private jet


Right-wing evangelist Kenneth Copeland Begging viewers to send him cash to support his private jet so he doesn’t have to deal with it coronavirus The vaccine mandates travel, which he called the “sign of the beast.”

Copeland who claimed it in the past He needed a private jet to avoid the “devil” On commercial aviation, he made a claim during his “VICTORYthon” fundraising activity on Tuesday.

“You fall into this situation,’We can’t fly you unless you’re vaccinated,'” he said. “Well, for me, it’s a sign of a beast.”

Copeland added that it was not the vaccine itself that marked the beast.

“It’s not a vaccination,” he said. “I haven’t been vaccinated, but I can do what I want.”

He didn’t elaborate, but the beast’s landmark was that it needed vaccination.

This concept derives from the New Testament apocalypse, which states that “no one can buy or sell without a mark on the forehead or right hand, which is the name or number of the beast.”

“Anyone who understands will calculate the number of beasts, because it is the number of people.” The book says.. “The number is 666.”

Own Copeland Fleet of private jets When airport, He also complained that he needed to fly personally because too many people wanted to talk to him on commercial flights.

Gloria Copeland, wife of Copeland and fellow minister, got a lot of attention in 2018 With her own anti-vaxxer rant, Told her herd not to get a flu shot.

“Inoculate yourself with the word of God,” she said, adding that the flu can be prevented by repeating it. You won’t get the flu. ”

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