Rights group expressed “grave concern” as Hong Kong activists were threatened in Britain

The Hong Kong Rights Group issued a joint statement on Friday expressing “grave concerns” regarding the safety of expatriates in the United Kingdom.

This is because many Hong Kongers were allegedly attacked, social media messages were posted, recruiting Chinese “patriots” to attack Hong Kongers, and rewarding doxing activists.

NS statementRewards two prominent asylum Hong Kong defenders who are signed by dozens of Hong Kong, Chinese minorities, and East Asian rights groups and offer £ 10,000 ($ 13,232.5) to anyone who can provide a UK address. He said the money was paid.

He also said in another message about China-owned instant messaging app WeChat, “We are looking to create a vigilant group to attack Hong Kong’s groups that support Hong Kong’s independence.”

“These threatening tactics not only threaten the security and security of Hongkongers (and their supporters of the Hongkonger struggle), but also violate Hongkongers’ fundamental right to freedom of expression,” the statement said. ing.

In a screenshot shared with The Epoch Times, an ID named Gaobulale posted a message to the UK’s anti-Hong Kong independence WeChat group, which included 285 members at the time, for £ 5,000 to anyone with information about Simon Cheng. Provided ($ 6,616). A group photo of Chen circled.

It’s unclear when the message was posted, but the photo is Originally posted Cheng’s “Hongkongers in Britain” Facebook page on November 11th.

Epoch Times Photo
A dateless screenshot of a message posted to the WeChat group offering £ 5,000 for information on Simon Cheng, a rights advocate in Hong Kong, UK. (Courtesy of Simon Cheng)

Chen established Hong Kongers in the United Kingdom in July 2020 to assist Hong Kongers in the United Kingdom or coming to the United Kingdom.

A former employee of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong disappeared on a business trip to China in August 2019 and was accused of soliciting prostitution by Chinese authorities and became a hot topic all over the world.

After arriving in the UK in early 2020, Chen said Epoch Times He was taken to police on his way back to Hong Kong, detained for information about Hong Kong’s democratic movement, and forced to shoot confessions.

The ID that provided the reward for exposing Chen will be doubled thanks to an anonymous sponsor and will be provided to anyone who can provide the home or work address of Chen or former Hong Kong professional Nathan Lo. I later sent another message saying that it will be done. A democratic councilor currently living in the United Kingdom.

The same photo containing the law was posted again after the message.

Epoch Times Photo
Screenshots of a message posted to the WeChat group offering £ 10,000 for information on two Hong Kong human rights defenders in the UK, Simon Cheng or Nathan Law. (Courtesy of Simon Cheng)
Epoch Times Photo
A photo shared by the WeChat group with a reward offer for information on Simon Cheng (1st row, R) and Nathan Rho (3rd row, R). Shows a group of expatriates in Hong Kong and four Labor members. .. (Courtesy of Simon Cheng)

Chen told the Epoch Times that police were going to meet him to discuss the case.

Mr. Chen had already stated in a letter he received a year ago that it was “a matter of time” until a Chinese agent found him, so he was “mentally well prepared” for such a threat. I have. “

Every time “they were exposed [their] The nature of being violent and using this kind of violent and barbaric behavior to threaten all other dissidents is [Chinese communist] It’s worth taking risks if you can say “government”, contribute to a better society, and help people understand that “freedom and democracy are struggling” and that they should be valued. He added that there is.

U.S. broadcaster Voice of America The law states that the prize money “does not affect” him and believes that UK law enforcement agencies will respond to all threats accordingly.

Epoch Times Photo
Screenshots of a message posted to the WeChat group recruiting Chinese “patriots” who are good at providing fights and tips to target key people attending Hong Kong’s democratization rally.

Other screenshots invite group members to join the group with all “British patriotic friends” and ask them to add “people who can fight if possible”, Monk Daye (great business or great karma). ) Is shown.

Asked why a fighter is needed, ID said it may be inevitable to take part in the fight against “Hong Kong Poison,” a homonym for “Hong Kong Independence (supporters).”

Daye told the group to target the person with the camera, microphone, speakers, and black flag first the next time the brawl broke out.

“First, defeat these” important parts “hardly! The message looks like this:

Daye also suggested wearing a red cloth on the wrist to avoid friendly fire.

Another ID urged people not to be afraid. “The fighting is very minor and the police will not arrest you.”

The message appeared when many Hong Kongers were injured after a brawl on November 27 after a rally to “stop the hatred of anti-Asians and oppose the New Cold War.”

Epoch Times Photo
On November 27, 2021, a brawl broke out between the two rallies in London’s Chinatown. (WenDongqing / The Epoch Times)

About 50 Hong Kongers campaigned against the same place at the same time. According to the Hong Kong Rights Organization, one of the rally speakers, Wan Chung Bobby Chan, founded the rally co-sponsor Min Quan Legal Center, waving the Chinese flag and during the 2019 concert. I took pictures of a group of people and Hong Kongers. By democratic singer Denise Ho in London. Others in a group called “cockroaches”, Hong Kong protesters, threw eggs at Hong Kongers with a poster stating “Everyone is responsible for getting rid of pests.”

Witnesses had previously told The Epoch Times that they had seen people harass and drive away Hong Kongers in black clothes before the rally began. He also saw people attacking Hong Kongers with dull objects.

The photo shared with The Epoch Times shows bruising on people’s faces, ears and foreheads.

In a joint statement released Friday, Hong Kong human rights groups united against anti-Asia racial discrimination, including those triggered by the organizers of the “Stop Racism and Oppose the New Cold War” rally. Legitimate criticism of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and its oppressive regime, which said it was concerned that the call was being used to silence, was a serious atrocities against Uighur Muslims and other minorities. I committed a human rights violation. [sic] For groups in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and for Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Falun Gong practitioners, etc. “

“Yes, this is also racism, but it’s not done in the UK. Of course, this racial violence has global implications, including affecting ESEA, evacuation and displacement. .. [East and Southeast Asia] The Diaspora Community “.

Another Hong Kong student told The Epoch Times Attacked by a group of people from mainland China, Was screaming for abuse in another incident in Leicester on October 30th.

In June 2020, another prominent Hong Kong activist in the UK, Finlau, was seriously injured after three people attacked him near his home in London. ..

Lau told the Epoch Times that the attacker might have thought he was dead because he was unconscious at the time.

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