Riot in Ecuadorian prison kills 13 people in prison office


Soldiers and police officers outside CRS Turi Prison after a riot in Cuenca, Ecuador, on April 3, 2022. (Fernando Machado via Getty Images / AFP)

Quito — Thirteen prisoners were killed in a prison in the city of Santo Domingo, Ecuador, on Monday, Ecuadorian prison agencies said were the latest incident of deadly in-prison violence in Andean.

President Guillermo Lasso’s government attributed the violence in prison to the battle between gangs over the management of territory and drug trafficking routes.

Last year, riots broke out in various prisons across Ecuador, killing 316 prisoners.

SNAI’s prison agency said on Twitter that police and the military had regained control of the prison. Previously, this case was called a “conflict.”

“Unfortunately, center officials have reported that 13 prisoners have died and two have been injured so far,” officials said, adding that the final count will be done by the Attorney General’s office. ..

Violence in a prison in Santo Domingo in May killed 43 people.