Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the final race

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss became the last two candidates to stand Wednesday after Penny Mordaunt was removed from the race on behalf of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister.

In the final vote of Congress, Snack remained in the lead with 137 votes, gaining an additional 19 supporters after the elimination of Chemi Badenoch on Tuesday.

Mordant, who was the second most favored candidate before, was knocked out with 105 votes, 13 more than the day before, because he couldn’t get enough votes for Badenoch.

The lagging truss won 27 new votes and pushed Mordant out with 113 votes.

Despite a 2016 referendum resolution to remain in the European Union, Truss has secured many trade deals and has shown its intention to invalidate some of the Brexit deals on Northern Ireland, after many hard-liners. Obtained the support of the Brexiteer MP.

According to the snack campaign, the former Finance Minister will “work day and night” to secure a “clear mission” from Tory lawmakers and win the support of the Conservatives.

“Selecting members is very easy. Who is the best person to beat Labor in the next election? Evidence shows that it’s Risi,” the campaign statement said.

Truss thanked her supporters, paid tribute to all candidates, and insisted on her “tax cuts, economic growth, and a bold new economic plan that unleashes the potential of everyone in the UK.” “I’m excited.”

The Foreign Minister has vowed to “unify the party and govern in line with conservative values” and said he would prove that he is the right person to lead the party and the country.

What’s next

Snacks and trusses are expected to host numerous online and face-to-face hastings across the UK to interact with Conservative members. Conservative members choose one winner for the next prime minister.

Approximately 160,000 party members will receive ballot packs by post in the first week of August.

Members can vote by mail or online. The ballot will end at 5 pm on September 2nd and the results will be announced on September 5th.

On September 6, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will formally offer to resign from Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the latest YouGov polls of 725 conservatives on Monday and Tuesday, snacks were the least-supported candidate and truss was one of the most-supported candidates.

Probe launched over alleged Modant campaign disruption

Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has begun investigating allegations of information leaks from within civil servants to damage Penny Mordaunt’s campaign.

David Davis, one of Mordant’s most prominent supporters within the Conservative Party, wrote a letter on Sunday to express concern to the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Epoch Times Photo
Penny Mordaunt, a Conservative leader candidate, at the Here East Studios in Stratford, east London, July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

In a letter to Davis, Case confirmed that he had begun an investigation.

“Thank you for your letter [July 17]Raises concerns about the apparent leakage of information designed to influence the Conservative leader elections, “the letter reads.

“I made it very clear in writing with civil servants that it is of utmost importance that public resources are not used to support leader campaigns during the Conservative leader elections,” the case said.

“In addition, unauthorized disclosure of government information to the media is clearly inappropriate. In light of these facts and the concerns you raise, I can confirm that I have begun a leak investigation on this issue.”

The case added that the investigation “will be completed as quickly as possible given the importance of the subject.”

The case did not give specific details about what the investigation would focus on, but the Telegraph newspaper went to The Sunday Times in connection with the accusations that Mordant was involved in weakening the legal process of transgender transitions. Who reported that it was thought to be related to the leak.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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