Rishi Sunak reinstates ban on fracking, video emerges of him supporting fracking during leadership contest

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reinstated the fracking moratorium just one month after the Liz Truss government lifted the ban on fracking.

A Downing Street spokesman confirmed the news after Sunak was asked about the matter in the first Prime Minister’s question on Wednesday.

Fracking, or fracking, is the process of projecting high-pressure liquids into the shale layer to release gases.

The 2019 Conservative Party manifesto promised not to lift the moratorium on fracking in the UK unless “science clearly shows it can be done safely”.

Snak told parliament that he “supports” the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto and promised to deliver on what the Boris Johnson government agreed to at the United Nations COP26 climate talks in Glasgow.

“Common sense triumphs”

Danny Gross, energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth, welcomed the decision, calling it “a great victory for common sense, the environment and communities across the country in confronting the threat of fracking.”

In a fracking debate earlier this month, 40 Tory MPs voted against the government, with many of the party’s green wings welcoming the U-turn.

Sam Hall, Head of Conservative Environment Network, said about fracking:

There were concerns that fracking could cause earthquakes, but last month’s report (pdf) published a paper on the science of fracking by the British Geological Survey (BGS), but said it was “inconclusive” and more data were needed.

However, Truss’ decision to withdraw its commitment to fracking has been criticized by some.

Reform Party leader Richard Theiss posted a video of a televised debate during a Conservative leadership contest. twitter “Another video from Rishi Sunak who supported fracking 10 weeks ago. Now as prime minister he bans it. Liar. No ifs no buts. Nothing beats Boris Johnson. Probably worse.” Again, a Conservative prime minister who can’t trust a single word.

Labor said the Conservative government could not be trusted on fracking, despite Sunak’s promises.

Shadow Climate and Net Zero Executive Director Ed Miliband said:

“Whatever their latest position is, the truth is that the Tories have shown they cannot be trusted on the fracking issue,” he added.

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