Rittenhouse shouted, “Friendly!”To tracker

Kenosha, Wisconsin (AP) — Kyle Rittenhouse is “friendly! Friendly! Friendly!” He was eventually shot dead when he was being chased by a man during a street protest against racism, police said. The detective testified.

Video centered on Wednesday at a man’s trial in Illinois with shootings of three men (two deadly) after Rittenhaus traveled to Kenosha with a medical kit and rifle in August 2020. ..

The jury looked into an infrared video created by the FBI observer from about 9,000 feet above. Where the Rittenhaus shot 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum. Kenosha police detective Martin Howard used colored circles overlaid in the video to identify the movements of the two men far below, and defendant lawyer Mark Mark said Rittenhaus repeatedly shouted “friendly!” I agree with Richards. When he was being chased — and the Rosenbaum seemed to be solidifying at the Rittenhaus.

Richards also explained how Rosenbaum came out from behind the car to meet the Rittenhouse before the shooting and told the detective: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is It looks like a classic ambush. “

After the prosecutor’s opposition, Richards said: When my client arrives, Rosenbaum is hiding, right? “

“Yes, that’s right,” Howard replied.

The testimony was to continue on Thursday.

The 18-year-old Rittenhaus could be sentenced to life imprisonment if convicted of a highly controversial political polarization case. Beyond self-defense, Vigilantism, right to arm and Racial anxiety It erupted throughout the United States after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other such incidents.

The young man traveled from his home in Illinois to Kenosha after a fierce protest over the shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake. White Kenosha police officer. Rittenhaus said he went there to protect his property after two nights when the riots fired and plundered the business.

Prosecutors portray him as a bloody instigator, and his lawyer claims he acted for self-defense after Rosenbaum tried to grab his gun, and others in the crowd. Kicked his face and hit his head with a skateboard.

In one video, a man-Rosenbaum-is chasing the Rittenhouse and throwing a plastic bag just before the man is shot. I hear someone yelling “F — you!”, Followed by the sound of the four shots fired by Rittenhouse, but the shooting itself is not clearly visible on the camera.

“Oh, he shot him! He shot him, man. He shot him. He shot him, man. He laid him out.” Can be heard saying.

The footage shown to the jury also portrayed Rosenbaum lying on the ground as a desperate bystander surrounded him for help. He had a wound on his head and a bystander put a shirt on it to put pressure on him.

In court, Rittenhouse, sitting in the jury’s line of sight, squints at his desktop screen, walks down the street with a rifle, shoots protesters, and video footage of people screaming scattered. , Did not express emotions.

Many of the videos played in court were found by police on social media sites. There, many videos were streamed live and posted shortly after bloodshed. Many of the scenes were well known to people after the incident.

Howard, Rittenhaus suffered detailed detective injuries that night, all seemingly minor: 0.5 inch scratches on the eyebrows, small cuts on the inside of the lower lip, 2 inch scratches under the clavicle, forearm It has a 2-inch scratch, a scratch on the back, and two penny-sized bumps on the head.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger points out that Rosenbaum is clearly unarmed and asks Howard if any of the videos shown in court show that Rosenbaum has any weapons. rice field. Howard replied no.

“Don’t you have a gun?” Binger asked.

“I can only see the plastic bag he has,” Howard said.

“So don’t you have a gun? Binger asked.

“No,” Howard replied. Howard repeated the answer when Binger asked if Rosenbaum had a knife, bat, or club.

Richards opposed it in a cross-examination and asked Howard what would happen if someone robbed him of his weapon.

“It can be used as a deadly and dangerous weapon against them, right?” Richards asked.

“It’s the correct answer,” Howard replied.

The jury set aside the notepad and kept his eyes on the court monitor at various points in the video. In most cases, some captured the turmoil of violence and showed a graphic image after Rosenbaum was shot.

Immediately after shooting 36-year-old Rosenbaum, Rittenhaus shot and killed Anthony Hoover, 26, a protester at Silver Lake, Wisconsin.

The Rittenhaus then injured Gaiji Großkreutz, 27, a protester in West Allis, Wisconsin. He was walking towards the Rittenhouse and holding a gun in his hand.


Forliti reported from Minneapolis. Webber reported from Fenton, Michigan. The Associated Press writer Scott Bauer contributed from Madison, Wisconsin.


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